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Pet of the Issue

Pet of the Issue – Lilee

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Submitted by Sheila Conner

Lilee, a full blood Lab, will turn seven in September. She has apparently spent much of her life in bed.
“She’s very loving and cuddly with all adult companions,” says Sheila. “And some of her dog companions when she’s in the right mood.”
“She loves to hoard things in her mouth like a chipmunk,” Sheila tell us. “Some examples—socks and food she has snuck from the counter.” Looks like this turtle is safe for now.
Sheila confirms that Lilee is a bed hog. “If you’re taking up too much room, she’ll get out of bed and bark to go outside…then when you get up, she’ll leap into your spot and make herself comfortable. She also does this when she’s irritated at her sister Coco. Lilee barks at the door, lets Coco go out first, and then she runs to a peaceful spot inside.”

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