Why July Matters

Editor Manson with bestselling author Mary Kay Andrews and PR goddess Tracy Louthain during a recent event at the Destin Barnes & Noble.
Photo by Tara Manson.

July is and has always been my favorite month, and not just because it’s the sexiest. Check out my beach body, which I’ve been perfecting since late June.


This is National Grilling Month, brought to my attention as Paula and I removed last summer’s gunk off the grill (before you ask, pressure washing is the way to go). I’ve learned you can grill almost anything and it will taste delicious, even those hot dogs they sell for 40 cents a package at the dollar store.


It’s also UV Safety Month, so apply sunscreen liberally (even if you do support the Republican health care bill). And be sure to hit those covered areas, too, because you might get lucky.


If you favor the spray-on sunscreen, check the label because one of the practical jokers in your house or condo may have switched it with a can of Pam cooking spray.


July is Family Reunion Month, so if you have a big event planned with the kinfolk, make sure you do it here on the beach and have all your out-of-towners spend lots of money and tip generously.


There’s a new (to me, anyway) designation for July called Cell Phone Courtesy Month. Okay, youngsters, you can stop laughing. I’m not sure if your source of amusement is the concept itself or the use of the word cell instead of smart. That said, I think it’s perfectly courteous to talk, text, tweet, Netflix, etc. if you’re driving in the car by yourself.


Moving on, this July saw a wide-release movie (okay, it actually dropped in late June) that I actually wanted to go see in the theater—Baby Driver, an action-packed, music-packed love story masquerading as a crime flick. Superb performances by the two young (and unknown to me) leads, who more than hold their own with Academy Award winners Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey.


Look close and you’ll see a cameo by Creative Loafing, which is sort of like the Beachcomber of Atlanta. Here’s hoping director Edgar Wright films his next movie on the Emerald Coast and sneaks us in.

Editor Manson




Glad to see articles by Charles Morgan in Beachcomber again (“Florida Is Sinking,” June 29-July 12 issue). Have missed them the last few years.

The Champa Shop, Destin



Great. Now he’s going to ask for a raise. Jump to page 9 to read the latest from the Beachcomber publisher (among other things).

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