And the Award for Best Acceptance Speech Goes to…

The new Beachcomber banner makes its public debut Saturday, April 8, at the Okaloosa RevFest in Downtown Fort Walton Beach. Huge thanks to Mike Flatau, whose band New Earth Army performs at the daylong event, along with tons of other local and regional acts.

“Enough about the Beachcomber Music Awards!” you’re probably saying to yourself. “That was a month ago. It’s time to move on to more important things, like when are you going to dust off your Spring Break song and start performing it around town again?”


I can see where you’re coming from, but I believe in milking the good will for as long as I can get away with it—until, say, March 2018, when we do the next awards. Besides, this year’s Hall of Fame winner JoE Fingas still has a lot of those cool t-shirts left for sale.


And on Saturday, April 8, quite a few of our award-winning musicians will appear at the Okaloosa RevFest in Downtown Fort Walton Beach, which starts at noon and lasts until the wee wee hours.


I’m hoping Scott Rockwood, this year’s winner for Best Guitarist, will be there—performing with the Wide Open, jamming with the Good Lookings, or just hanging out. I missed him at our big event March 6 at Graffiti & the Funky Blues Shack in Destin. (Nic Turner accepted on his behalf).


But he did have a couple weeks to think about his acceptance speech, which he posted on Facebook recently. It’s heartfelt, beautiful and non-partisan. I’m happy to include the following excerpt without Mr. Rockwood’s permission:


Thanks to Chris Manson, Nikki Hedrick and the extremely cool folks at Beachcomber (who) shine a spotlight on our local arts, music and culture. We are spoiled to actually still have a locally owned and operated arts and entertainment magazine.


To everyone that voted for me, I honestly didn’t expect to win this award, so thank you.


And to everyone that voted, thanks for supporting local music and musicians.


Thanks to Shawn Hartung, for not only being the most important person in my life, but also for supporting me 100 percent to do what I love. And for playing music with me for 20 years.


He goes on to thank his parents, his many bandmates and collaborators, as well as the venues that provide him and his fellow artists the opportunity “to play music on this little stretch of the Gulf Coast” and Chris Alvarado, our local “Is there anything he isn’t great at?” guy, for keeping Rockwood’s guitars in working order.


Scott, I hope to see you sometime this month, which is extremely likely since you’re in about a dozen bands. Congrats, and don’t book yourself for the first Monday of March 2018.

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