Music Awards #9 – Nothing Is Forbidden, Everything Is Permitted

A lovely rendering of Beachcomber Editor Chris Manson and his BFF Maddison by Juan Francisco Adaro. Lately, there’s been some hubbub that Adaro is relocating his Grayton Beach gallery. Or already has. Anyway, you can find the latest at

“Live music is one of the basic food groups. Artists are the ingredients. The recipes may be different, but the results are always amazing.”

– JC Murphy



“That just made me hungry.”

– Brandon Day, Beachcomber Music Awards Nominee



We’re expecting a huge turnout for the Ninth Annual Beachcomber Music Awards, coming to Graffiti & the Funky Blues Shack in Destin Monday, March 6. Still, we asked our thousands of social media followers who they thought absolutely needed to be present at this year’s awards ceremony. Thanks to the three of you that responded.


“I have to be there to help Austin Jennings carry out all of his winnings to the car.”

– Brandon Day (Again)



Patrick Wilson (from Cadillac Willy), because he’s a Hall of Famer and his bass guitar hangs low. The lower your bass guitar, the cooler you are.”

– Chatham Morgan



“Me, because I’m the new guy.”

– Lefty Collins, Who Actually Has a Gig in Orange Beach on Awards Night



My “dream big” and “set your sights high” prompts didn’t quite pan out, so I’d like to personally invite the following people:


President Donald Trump. Because you already spend a lot of time in Florida, and Beachcomber is not your enemy. Plus, there’s a “hotel” down by the Brooks Bridge that loves you and would probably comp you and the entourage some rooms.


Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. The Fab Two have started recording together again, and what better way to keep those chops sharp than to join in our post-awards show jam session? Our guys know most of the Beatles songbook already.


The Entire Cast of Hamilton. Because Hamilton is apparently a thing now.


Jim Carrey. I need to interview him for my upcoming Truman Show 20th anniversary piece, and I know he’d love to hang with Paul, Ringo and 45.


Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing these folks, as well as all the nominees, performers, presenters, music fans, bartenders and Brandon Day groupies on what is sure to be the longest night in Beachcomber Music Awards history.

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