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Chefs Close Up

Chefs Up Close – Kevin Wynn

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The Black Pearl, Okaloosa Island


CULINARY IDOL: It’s so easy to say Bourdain or some other celeb chef, but my mother is the greatest cook I have ever been around. She is a true inspiration to me. Everything I make, I want my mother to be proud of it.


SIGNATURE DISH: I don’t feel like I have a signature dish. Signature dish feels so pretentious. I like to cook tasty food that makes people smile.


MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT: Cassie, my girlfriend. The fact that she puts up with my life and loves me. I cannot imagine a greater accomplishment than convincing Cassie to be with me. She is truly everything to me.


GUILTY PLEASURE: The easy answer is tacos, which I love. But my real guilty pleasure is finding really good restaurants in other cities that are highly acclaimed and desperately trying to impress. I want to be wowed, and I seldom am, so I guess I’m guilty about being so critical. But it’s pleasurable to go out and try.


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