Whaddaya Want?!? Our Holiday Wish Lists


Beachcomber Contributing Editor


This Christmas, instead of fake news and reality television, can we have the reverse? If we can’t tell the difference, we can always go back to normal.


I’d like an Indian restaurant to magically appear in the Destin-Fort Walton Beach area and never go away. I’m willing to part with any number of souvenir shops to make that happen.


I’d like a craft distiller to offer me a part-time job. Apprentice Taster, maybe.



a/k/a the Tiny Diner


Grace is deciding whether Shopkins are as prudent a long-term investment as American Girl dolls and accessories. She also wants a “one-of-a-kind, made-to-order Barbie Dream House.” She asked about life-sized Barbie dolls, but Bruce intends to tell her that those are specialty items that Santa farms out to subcontractors. With any luck, he won’t have that conversation except in his head.



Beachcomber Contributing Writer


1. Continued peace, love and happiness for my family.

2. To win the Florida Lottery.

3. To start writing the novel that I have always wanted to write in 2017.



Beachcomber Contributing Writer (Among Other Things)


Can Santa put time in a bottle? I’d like a little more of that, please. Any denomination is fine—days, weeks, months, years, just maybe not minutes. Then again, a really good moment can be life changing, so yeah, I’ll take whatever.



Arts and Design Society, Fort Walton Beach


Number one on my list—a realization in our community of what a treasure we have in our ADSO Art Center with its classes, exhibitions, and other activities. Despite great publicity, it seems to be FWB’s best kept secret ever.


Number two—an online course for my cats to teach them to tidy and change their own litter box. They’re old enough to take on that responsibility.



30A Mover/Shaker, Occasional Beachcomber Contributor


My Christmas wish came true in October, unbeknownst to me. I needed some comfort and joy that seemed to have been stolen from me—even the Grinch only tried to steal one day from the Whoville people!


My Christmas wish is that we can come together in love, compassion and peace, and in the end share some roast beast and Who-pudding, hold hands and sing around the Christmas tree.


And to all the merchandisers and stores who started Christmas before Halloween—thank you from the bottom of my heart. Fah who-for-aze! Welcome Christmas! Welcome Christmas, come this way!



Musician-Vodka Enthusiast-Packers Fan


I wrote to Santa and requested the following items—new slippers (my dog Brandy ate them), new edible underwear (my wife Rusty ate them), a large salami hoagie (my friend Matty ate mine), and peace and harmony in America (the presidential election ate that all up).



Beachcomber Contributing Writer and Photographer


If I have a secret benefactor that wants to gift me a Canon Mark IV, it might make me less of a Grinch. But no promises.



a/k/a Father Fud from Fudpucker’s


1. Health, happiness and prosperity for all my friends.

2. A boat dock at my house. Hah!





I wish for no hunger, no crime, and kindness for all

Acceptance and inclusion—come on, we can do this, y’all


I wish for a lifetime of laughter with my non-judging friends close and afar

I wish for a magic mirror that shows us we are perfect just the way we are


I wish for my girls to grow up happy, giving and using their own minds

To be successful and confident in the paths they decide


I wish for Supermom powers that can clean, craft, learn and teach

Without distractions—I may enjoy reading, a movie, or even the beach

I wish for 20 more years with my husband and best friend

Family game nights and cabin trips…making memories til the end


Last but not least, a great big happy New Year’s 2017 wish

Make every day count, always say “I love you” and don’t forget that last hug and kiss


Nathanael and Anna Fisher of the Emerald Coast Theatre Company with superstar volunteer Candace Joslin at the Grand Boulevard Festival of Trees.


Emerald Coast Theatre Company


Elves that love to usher… a Santa sleigh that looks a lot like a cargo van… sweet seating with 50 or more cushiony chairs… reindeer that like to sew costumes and build sets… a Fundraising Frosty the Snowman… and a Public Relations Partridge in a pear tree.



Beachcomber Editor


A recount of the 1996 Academy Awards ballots, because there’s no way The English Patient is a better film than Fargo. Also world peace, starting anywhere people can make it happen.

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