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Eats Under 10 Bucks

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Breakfast Croissant Sandwich

Capriccio Café, Destin and Fort Walton Beach


Capriccio’s serves up a way more flavorful take on Burger King’s Croissanwich, and it doesn’t cost that much more. For six bucks, you get a good-sized, lightly toasted croissant filled with thinly sliced ham, scrambled eggs and Fontina cheese. More adventurous diners can add speck (similar to prosciutto, but smoked) for another dollar. The fully loaded version—eggs with caramelized onions and spinach—goes for $6.50. The basic version has been my breakfast go-to for some time now—if they threw a couple slices of bacon on there, it wouldn’t taste any better. Higher praise is not necessary.

– Chris Manson
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