I’m Loving This Fall Thing

Beachcomber Editor Chris Manson and his Act4Murder buddies at the recent Lindsay Wagner Master Acting Class held at the Emerald Coast Convention Center last month.
We learned a lot from the Emmy-winning Bionic Woman and can’t stop tapping ourselves.

This is my favorite time of year to go to the beach.


For those of you just passing through, that’s the long stretch of sand and Gulf of Mexico located behind all the condos.


It’s still pretty warm out in September, and most of the sharks are stuffed after chowing down on tourists all summer. So with no trepidation whatsoever, I got in the water last weekend and promptly swallowed what must have been a couple gallons of Florida saltwater. But I didn’t get eaten by sharks.


There’s something about getting your bare feet in the sand. I believe someone called it “crack for your toes.”


I would like to apologize to anyone who’s seen the YouTube video of me in the Gulf, apparently shot by someone from the balcony of Sandpiper Cove (with a damn good zoom lens, I might add). I didn’t have my swimsuit with me that evening, didn’t realize the full moon would be out to provide spectacular lighting for amateur filmmakers, didn’t realize it was illegal, etc. etc.


Just kidding. We don’t actually have sharks here.

– Chris




We’ve expanded our Live Music Calendar to include some of the action beyond Beachcomberland, notably the big name concerts in Biloxi. Turns out there’s more to do there than play golf and visit the art museums. And a lot of Beachcomber readers like to go over there. Some more often than others, and usually on payday.


Our first Chefs Up Close featurette appears on page 24. We’re delighted to kick things off with Camille Withall from George’s at Alys Beach. If you’d like to see your favorite featured in an upcoming installment, let us know. And send samples of his or her dishes.



As this issue wrapped, I had just watched the funniest comedy show in recent memory. The name of the program was Monday Night Football, and the subject was a ragtag bunch of misfits called “The Chicago Bears.” The director and crew did a great job of simulating an actual NFL game, with announcers, cheerleaders and a crowd-filled stadium (CGI?).


For a while, I thought I was watching the real thing, but the Bears’ total ineptitude on the field convinced me otherwise. I look forward to the next hilarious episode.



Thanks so much for the plug in The Beachcomber (“Austin Duo Hits FoWal on Fall Tour,” Sept. 8-21 issue)! Really lovin’ FWB-Destin. Went to the beach and the pier and noodled around town. Beautiful place!

– Robert Watts, These Fine Moments




We’re always on the lookout for stunning artwork for our cover (or elsewhere in the book), any “15 Great Something-or-Other” listicles to tie in with The Beachcomber’s 15th Anniversary, photos from recent events, reviews of live music performances (local or otherwise), recipes, photos, jokes, humorous essays, gossip, etc. Email chris@beachcomberdestin.com. We read all of our emails and do our best to respond promptly.

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