Chefs Up Close – Camille Withall

Executive Chef, George’s at Alys Beach


Withall moved to Florida and worked at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort for her internship in 2008. “That’s where I really started to immerse myself in the business,” she says. After that, she spent four years at Restaurant Fire, where she met and worked with her mentor Chef Carl Schaubhut. “I believe that’s where I found my voice and planted my feet firmly on the ground as a professional chef. Now that I’m at George’s, the journey goes on and I’m very blessed to still keep doing what I love doing.”


Favorite TV Cooking Shows: I think I watch more travel shows and features on chefs from around the world than actual cooking shows. I like Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, Chef’s Table and Mind of a Chef.


Culinary Idols: I usually look up to Thomas Keller and Jacques Pepin’s knowledge and finesse with their approach to food. Currently, I love Ramael Scully’s Nopi cookbook (based on his restaurant recipes) and how he uses different Middle Eastern and Asian flavors together. And of course, my mom, who’s never cooked a bad meal in her life.


Guilty Pleasures: I love desserts. I cannot seem to turn them down. And Cocoa Pebbles. Which is almost like dessert, I guess.


Signature Dish: I make really good Peruvian Chicken and paella.


Major Accomplishments: I still consider myself a young, learning chef in this business. I’ve been with George’s for almost three years now, and it has been quite a learning process. Every day is really different. I do enjoy coming up with new things to try out with my kitchen crew. If I have inspired new cooks to keep enjoying what they’re doing or imparted them with new techniques that can be very useful to them, then I consider those major accomplishments.

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