Record Roundup

Jack Bruce and Robin Trower

Songs from the Road

RUF Records

The late bassist Bruce and lead guitarist Trower both come from rock band aristocracy, respectively as former members of Cream and Procol Harum, and as collaborators with a long list of rock and jazz notables. Songs from the Road is their fifth release together. Along with drummer Gary Husband, the two recorded it live in a Dutch concert hall in 2009. Starting off with the big guns, they hit the audience with “Seven Moons,” then move on to dream stuff like “White Room” and “Sunshine of Your Love.” Bruce may sound occasionally scratchy, but their steel guns are quick.

‑ Bruce Collier

Kneebody, Daedelus



Kneedeulus is a 10‑track collaboration (all original stuff) between experimental‑exploratory musicians Kneebody and Daedelus. Among the instruments are sax, keyboard, “treated” trumpet, bass and drums. There’s rhythmic play, distortion and general electronic jammery, but unlike some forays into new musical territory, it’s neither over‑thought nor under‑disciplined. Some of it may recall vintage fusion in its refusal to settle in one place. Other parts may recall progressive rock bands like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, or even Miles’ A Tribute to Jack Johnson. Pull up a sand candle, light the patchouli joss sticks and pour the Almaden Mountain Burgundy.

‑ Bruce Collier

Gary Nichols

Winter Sky

Panama City songwriter Nichols tells stories as if he were an old school county artist while presenting it with the low‑key delivery of a well‑worn folk troubadour. His quiet acoustic tones pull you in, encouraging you to really listen. Nichols has crafted a debut album he should be proud of.

‑ Nikki Hedrick

Post Pluto

New Horizons

Pensacola progressive jam band’s first full‑length album shows off their endless drive to build the perfect fusion song. New Horizons is a moody and fun voyage into psychedelic territory with influences from just about every musical corner. Grab your hula hoop, kick off your shoes, and let your hair down.

‑ Nikki Hedrick

Grace Potter


Hollywood Records

One of this year’s 30A Songwriters Festival headliners, Potter has grown into her own as an eclectic musical misfit. Whether she’s dabbling with danceable tunes, garage rock or mournful ballads, it’s all caressed by her emotional vocal delivery. What would present itself as unfocused artistic vision with another captain at the helm is effortlessly molded into an enjoyable musical journey in Potter’s hands.

‑ Nikki Hedrick

Hailey Whitters

Black Sheep

Carnival Recoding Company

Whitters is trying to make her mark as the new country darling, and with ample doses of sass and twang, she’s poised to make a lasting mark indeed. She strives to be topical and recalls family stories of days gone by, bridging the gap between classic country and tunes with a shot at airplay.

‑ Nikki Hedrick
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