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Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

By Evangeline Murphy

This Netflix original is really just your basic teen rom com. An unknown girl, Sierra Burgess (Shannon Purser), finds love in a jock (Noah Centineo) who thinks she is a really popular girl, Veronica (Kristine Froseth). Veronica is also Sierra’s bully, but they bond and become friends and help each other...
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Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

Reviews by Evangeline Murphy

The acting here is spectacular, with every actor playing his or her part so well you’d think you were watching real lives unfold on screen. The scenery is breathtaking, and every glimpse of Singapore—from the street vendor to the Young family’s mansion—is incredible...
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Sunday, August 12th, 2018

Reviews by Evangeline Murphy

The weekend they are scheduled to go on a family vacation together, Christopher is forced to stay home and work. It is then he meets Pooh (Jim Cummings), who woke up one morning without his friends around. He finds himself going through the doorway that Christopher once used in order to come visit the Wood...
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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Event Set for Fall 2018 in Destin

“We are so grateful to be able to have this opportunity to put the spotlight on the quality of production in our region,” says Nikki. “Although the films are mostly rooted in our region, international submissions and filmmakers from all over the south have attended (in) past years.
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Friday, April 13th, 2018

Premieres April 14 on Nat Geo WILD TV Channel

Submitted by Mary Chris Murry: After months of filming on location in the Florida Panhandle, Nat Geo WILD announced the air date of a new TV series featuring Alaqua Anim
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Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Reviews by Joni Williams

If you’re looking for a mindless binge watch, this isn’t it. Though officially billed as a fictionalized drama based on real events, you’ll most likely be lost if you can’t keep up with the bouncing timeline and locations...
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Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

By Dr. David C. Simmons

The 90th Annual Academy Awards are Sunday night, March 4, at 7:30 p.m. on ABC. Here are my votes for who should win and my predictions for who will win.
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Monday, January 29th, 2018

Review by Joni Williams

Panned by critics and ignored by moviegoers, this 2016 flick was a box office loser that eventually earned the dubious honor of being Tom Hanks’ lowest grossing film in 30 years. And so it was quickly put out to video rental pasture until the streaming services wisely decided to pick it up...