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Thursday, March 29th, 2012
Author Profiles

Beck ’s Astounding Success Story Inspires Beachcomberland

As a Pilates teacher, horse trainer, Reiki instructor and dedicated wife, mother and sister, Laurie Beck had a sensational thirst for life when cancer struck. But for the passionate new author tragedy bred greatness, and Beck has thus formulated her inspiring success story as a cornerstone of hope, courage and unearthing inner strength.

“When you are told you have incurable cancer, your life is forever changed,” says Beck. “I came to realize that I needed to face the enemy cancer with love, not fear. Fear gradually melted into resolve and opened the door to the possibilities that were life changing.”

Although the beginning stages of her battle were muddied with worry—equipped with encouragement from her mother and loved ones—Beck found healing power within herself to guide her through her journey. The lessons she learned—aiding not only overcoming tragedy but alsoachieving peace in life—are illustrated in her personal memoir Living to Tell, set to be released later this spring.

From that book Beck crafted a smaller meditative read, Eight Little Lessons of Hope and Healing. Already available for purchase, this motivational collection of Beck’s personal proverbs highlights the importance of positive intention and reminds readers of a lesson Laurie absorbed from her mother: “Sometimes you have to invent your own miracle.”

Aiming to reach those struggling with hope, Beck says: “My memoir is not as much about surviving incurable cancer as it is about life… I simply want to reach people who are facing challenges in life and would benefit from tapping into their inner spirit to achieve a positive mental focus that can lead to positive outcomes.”

In addition to talented new author, Beck recently added jewelry designer to her list of accolades. After teaming up with gifted local artist Niki Gaffrey, Beck launched a unique line of handcrafted designs, Chi Bella. She continues to teach at Pilates by the Sea and swings a tennis racket whenever she gets chance.

The lively beauty was determined to not let illness kill her energetic spirit, and she is reason for the community to be inspired. For more information on Beck’s upcoming book or her Chi Bella jewelry line, visit