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Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Opening Remarks - An Encyclopedia of Useful Information

Arranged alphabetically, so you can skip past the parts you’re not interested in…

The Academy Awards. I caught the last hour of the show, and that works out about right, since I may have seen about 25 percent of the 2011 nominees. After spotting Harvey Weinstein seated in The Artist section, I understand why this silent picture took home the top honors. I hope The Artist encourages people to check out the first Oscar winner for Best Picture (and the only other non-talkie to take home the prize), F.W. Murnau’s Sunrise (not Wings, know-it-alls). Sunrise is and always will be one of the greatest films of all time—part romance, part thriller, with a hilarious interlude involving a runaway pig that defies description.

The Beachcomber Music Awards. Our fourth event honoring everyone that sings and plays in Beachcomberland was mostly successful, though I would’ve liked to have heard an acceptance speech from Hall of Famer “Washboard” Jackson. Next year, we’re handing out the trophies from 3 to 4 in the morning so as not to conflict with anyone’s gigs. I take full credit for everything that went right with the BMAs and blame all the flubs on other people.

The Death of the CD. Well, not quite, but Rolling Stone reports the end is near. Thanks to Spotify, the greatest online music service ever, I haven’t bought a CD in months, aside from a couple of couldn’t-resist-for-seven-bucks Miles Davis masterpieces at Tuesday Morning. Our good friend Homemadesoul has released his latest in digital-only, and you guys need to put Inspired by a True Story in heavy rotation.

Spring Break. We welcome all wellbehaved types and have just three ground rules for you. Spend money, don’t touch my iPad, and clean up after yourselves.

Sunday Jam Night. The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint reopens this month, and Beachcomber Music Award winners Blue Lew’s Groove (Best Blues Artist) take the new-and-improved stage March 4, starting at 5. A new addition to the jam is a weekly featured artist, the first being two-time Best Horn Player Fly Dents.

Twitter. I’ve finally gotten a handle the large number of idiotic tweets pub- on this Twitter thing, and thanks to lished during the Oscars, I found out who I needed to unfollow. If you’re new to the game, there are several people you should follow, including Cadillac Willy’s Patrick Wilson (tons of useful information), The Onion (fake news is always better), Albert Brooks (still one of the two or three funniest people on earth), all the musicians in Beachcomberland, and, of course, @BeachcomberFL, because we’re all about posting stuff that’s informative and entertaining.


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