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Saturday, April 27th, 2013
Musician Profiles

Vantage Point

Beachcomberland is lucky to have a diverse music scene, including a healthy rock scene dotted by bands that hope to break out and become hometown heroes.

Vantage Point was formed in 2011 by vocalist/guitarist Jared Esposito, “It’s my passion, what I want to do,” he says. “I want to make a difference in the music scene.” Along with Esposito, the current line-up includes Rick Puckett on lead guitar, Josh Foraker on bass, and Jonathan Howard on drums.

“I think most bands happen—people with a similar mind and vision coming together, and sparks just kind of happen,” says Foraker. “Ultimately everyone wants their music heard.”

Vantage Point places a strong focus on the writing process and tightening up their existing catalog of original songs. Howard describes it as “always striving to bring better melodies and musicality to the table.”

“It isn’t just about playing music, it’s about writing music,” says Foraker. “Everybody has an active role in that process. This is one of the few bands that I’ve ever been a part of where the songwriting process just kind of works itself out. Even songs that were together before this incarnation of Vantage Point have been nearly completely revamped.”

Describing their sound as “hard rock with a lot of radio appeal,” Vantage Point plans to release a five-song EP at the end of summer. More at