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Tuesday, March 5th, 2013
Beachcomber Awards

Best Music Awards Ever - Fifth BMAs Rock the Village Door

Joe Fingas is nominated in several categories in the 8th Annual Beachcomber Music Awards to be held Monday, Feb. 29. Time and location TBA. - Photo by Robin Wiesneth

Had hoped to put together a longer, more detailed piece on the event. For now, here's the list of all the awards categories with presenters, nominees and winners (names in bold). Thanks to all that participated, more to follow...

MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR - Presented by Bill Garrett
Chris Alvarado 
Geoff McBride 
Donnie Sundal 
Forrest Williams

BEST BAND - Presented by 3/4 of New Earth Arrmy 
Boukou Groove 
Dread Clampitt
Hotel Oscar 
Forrest Williams Band

BEST SOLO ARTIST (New Category) - Presented by Al Alvarado
Chris Alvarado 
Bill Garrett 
Kelsey Anna 
Kyle LaMonica 
Donnie Sundal

BEST MALE VOCALIST - Presented by Kelsey Anna
Geoff McBride 
Donnie Sundal 
Forrest Williams

Mose Wilson (Hotel Oscar)

BEST FEMALE VOCALIST - Presented by Forrest Williams
Season Ammons 
Cheryl Jones 
Kelsey Anna
 (2011-12 Winner) 
Dannica Lowery 
Ashley Wing (The Bottoms Up Band)

BEST GUITARIST - Presented by Chris Manson
Doug “Dr. D” Dickerson (Something Fishy, Hubba Hubba) 
Derwin “Big D” Perkins (Boukou Groove) 
Scott Rockwood 
Zack Rosicka
Forrest Williams

BEST BASSIST - Presented by Tanya Roberts
Dan Collins (Black Eyed Blonde) 
Bill Garrett

John Hoormann (Mike and the Micros) 
EdMo Lanier 
Kenny Oliverio (Dread Clampitt)

BEST KEYBOARDIST - Presented by Teddy Lehmann
Joe Fingas 
Shawn Hartung 
Cheryl Jones

Donnie Sundal 
Pherrel Williams

BEST DRUMMER - Presented by Shawn Shackelford
Fred Domulot 
Rigel Forte (New Earth Army) 
Greg Mandel (Black Eyed Blonde) 
Brent Purcell (Jones and Company) 
John Reinlie (Dread Clampitt and About a Dozen Others)

BEST HORN PLAYER Presented by Calvin "P-Nut" Pina
Al Alvarado 

Ike Bartley 
Fly Dents

BEST DANCE ARTIST - Presented by Ray Hitchell
Black Eyed Blonde 
The Dream Band  (John Wehner’s Village Door) 
Flash Flood 

BEST ALTERNATIVE ARTIST - Presented by Nikki Hedrick
Nik Flagstar and His Dirty Mangy Dogs 
Hotel Oscar 
The Owsley Brothers

BEST SINGER-SONGWRITER - Presented by Dr. Cheryl Jones
Chris Alvarado 
Season Ammons 
Kelsey Anna 
Donnie Sundal 
Forrest Williams

BEST AMERICANA ARTIST (New Category) - Presented by Ted Cobena, LMHOF
Dread Clampitt 
Hotel Oscar 
Old Bull/Young Bull 
The Steenos 
Forrest Williams

BEST BLUES ARTIST - Presented by Joe Fingas
Boukou Groove 
Blue Lew Hogue

Emerald Coast Blues Brothers 
JB Lawson 
Zack Rosicka

BEST COMEDY ARTIST (New Category) - Presented by Tim and Rusty Morinelli
Bryan Kennedy 
Teddy Lehmann (“Elwood”)

BEST “COVER” ARTIST - Presented by Tom Patrick
Black Eyed Blonde

Nobody’s Outlaw 
Something Fishy

BEST COUNTRY ARTIST - Presented by Chris Clarke
Jason Clark 
Bryan Kennedy 
Red Rocket (Jeremiah Campbell)

BEST DJ (This Category Returning for First Time Since 2008) - Presented by Ben Friedman
DJ Boom 
DJ Spinzy 
DJ Vladi

BEST JAM BAND - Presented by Binky Buckwalter
Cadillac Willy

The Funky Projekt 
Something Fishy

BEST JAZZ ARTIST - Presented by Toni Drago
The EdMo Project 
Jones and Company 
The Red Bar Jazz Band

Michael J Thomas

BEST ORIGINAL SONG - Presented by Chris Alvarado
Boukou Groove, “Stay Broke” 
Heritage, “Spread Love” 
Forrest Williams, “Gonna Take Love”

BEST INSTRUMENTALIST (Not Covered in Other Categories) - Presented by Christian Mayes
Mark “The Harp” Cassady (Harmonica) 
Heidi Jamila (Fiddle/Violin – Wes Heath and the Whiskey Band, Sweater Puppets) 
Sue Kittredge (Fiddle/Violin – Coconut Radio) 
Balder Saunders (Mandolin – Dread Clampitt) 
Patrick Wilson (Pedal Steel Guitar – Cadillac Willy)

BEST LIVE MUSIC VENUE - Presented by Derek Givans
Club LA (Destin) 

Funky Blues Shack (Destin) 
HarborWalk Village (Destin)
Pandora’s (Grayton Beach) 
Williams Backyard Boogie (Santa Rosa Beach)

BEST R&B/SOUL ARTIST - Presented by Dannica Lowery
Boukou Groove 
Geoff McBride 
Donnie Sundal

BEST ROCK ARTIST - Presented by Andy Durand
The Bottoms Up Band 
Nik Flagstar and His Dirty Mangy Dogs 
The Helvetica Effect 
Hotel Oscar

The Owsley Brothers

BEST “HOMEGROWN” CD - Presented by Hotel Oscar
Boukou Groove, A Lil Boukou in Your Cup 
Nik Flagstar and His Dirty Mangy Dogs, Chase Pussy 
Heritage, Out Here… 
Hubba Hubba, Live at the Red Bar 
Forrest Williams, Gonna Take Love

BEST MUSIC EVENT OF 2012 - Presented by Fly Dents
Destin Seafood Festival 
Share the Shelter Music Fest 
30A Songwriters Festival

HALL OF FAME - Presented by Franko "Washboard" Jackson

Pat Boone 
Doug “Dr. D” Dickerson 
Rusty Hammerstrom 
Mike and the Micros 
Donnie Sundal