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Sunday, February 17th, 2013
Musician Profiles

Scripter – A New Destin Rock Band Arrives

Mike Fisher, Brandon Jones, and Patrick Mead are the trio behind Scripter, one of the newest original rock bands in the Destin area.

Fisher had returned to the area from Tallahassee and was ready to put together a new project. A Craigslist posting introduced him to Mead.

“The first time I was going to meet him, I realized who it was, like ‘Hey! You’re that guy!’” says Mead. The two had traveled in some of the same circles and just barely knew each other in passing.

Jones was added to the band after a chance meeting at the Mullet Festival in Niceville. ”They just started talking music,” says Fisher. “It was within days of us needing a new drummer.”

It seems like the only thing that gave them trouble was landing on the right band name. “It was a ridiculous effort,” says Mead. “It came down to picking random things out of the dictionary for a while. We spent countless hours just trying to find something that wasn’t taken.”

“I feel like Scripter is a good name,” says Fisher. “Being someone that writes a lot, we write a lot of songs, it works out.”

Write they do. The band has only been together for a little over a year and has around 30 original songs in their catalog.

The band uses terms like eclectic, progressive elements and experimental to describe most of their sound, although their backbone is firmly rooted in rock music. “I would say it is rock music,” says Fisher. “But it is rock music that is obsessively worked on to try and make it something other than just rock music.”

Scripter released a five-track EP this month, and they hope to have a full album with new material completed in the next year.

Although the band is making progress to get recognition on the local level, they have goals far beyond that. “In the perfect world we would be doing music non-stop and making a living off of it,” says Fisher. “Even if it is not a big living.”

Mead adds: “The whole reason you get into music is just that you want to do music. That’s what it should always be about.”

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