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Sunday, January 6th, 2013
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Friday night, Jan. 4, at Destin's Club LA presented an opportunity to experience three Florida bands as they opened for the musical enigma that is SUPER bob.

First up was Ruleless, a heavy metal outfit with some really strong technical elements. It seemed appropriate to start the night with a traditional styled metal band, as all the bands included elements of the genre in their sound.

Next up was Edens Fill, a swirling hodgepodge of styles with an immensely impressive execution. They can pull off everything from '90s college rock to hardcore.

Look Right Penny was the surprise of the night - female fronted, delivering a blend of hard rock and pop that gives the band a unique musical identity.

As for headliners SUPER bob, they are something else entirely - perhaps best described as super energetic cartoon characters. The backbone of their sound is squarely between metal and electric pop music, but not quite either.  

There was a period in the '80s where bands like Faith No More and Red Hot Chili Peppers set out to create their own genres and reached massive success blazing their own trail.  This could be the future for SUPER bob - danceable, head-bang worthy, and just fun to experience.

Lead singer Matt Santoro talked a little about the two main goals of rock music - (1) having a good time and (2) being yourself. This encompasses the nature of SUPER bob.

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