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Friday, December 7th, 2012
Music Misc.

Setlist - The Funky Projekt


Funky Blues Shack, Destin, 11.24.12

“Sex Panther.” "An instrumental that I came up with on my loop station pedal and we all decided that it was a sexy groove and the guitar part sounded like a jungle cat of some sort," explains guitarist/vocalist Mike Ingram.
“Spooky” (Classics IV/Atlanta Rhythm Section). "You can almost smell the polyester," says Metz Barnes (vocals, keys).
“One More Day.” "A song about my uncle Nicky who passed away about nine years ago," says Ingram. "Coolest man and best uncle ever. The song just states how much I miss him and how life is without him."
“Roses are Free” (Ween). Barnes calls it “a danceable song from the masters of quirk."
“Elevator Jam.” A Funky Projekt original.
“Oxygen Tank.” Ingram explains that this original is about “an old man in my apartment complex who walks his dog everyday. He strolls around a oxygen tank and smokes cigs. His dog has a muzzle and just looks harmless."
“Can't You See” (Marshall Tucker Band)
“Safe & Sound.” Another original from the band.
“Clarity.” "It was written for one of my surfing buddies who passed away last summer," says Ingram. "He was diving for sand dollars and never came back to the surface. The first verse of the song is 'I dive into the oceans blue/It makes me feel brand new…’"

Joining Ingram and Barnes in the Funky Projekt—Jonathan Allgood (bass), Alston Weeks (drums/vocals) and Josh Zook (sax).