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Thursday, September 13th, 2012
Music Misc.

Setlist - Owsley Brothers

We predict the Owsleys will blow the roof off the WSRE/Pensacola studios. - Photo by Nikki Hedrick

Buddha Lounge, Blue Mountain Beach, 8.30.12

“Cold Cold Blood” 

“Blood & Fire” 

“King Kong” (Frank Zappa). “Our version is visceral blues rock exorcism,” says guitarist-vocalist Jerad Reynolds. “It can last anywhere from five to 15 minutes depending on the vibe, dynamically ranging from whisper soft to full out ear piercing chaos.”

“If It Ain’t One Thing” 

“Fairies Wear Boots” (Black Sabbath). “The crowd tends to react to this song with a sort of dumbfound amazement,” says Reynolds. “I’m sure they are thinking, ‘Why would anyone take the time to learn all eight and a half minutes of this song? These guys must be nuts or have way too much time on their hands…” In this case, Reynolds says it’s a little bit of both.

“Hot Mess” 

“Don’t Look Back.” “This is one of the songs that really encompasses the early Owsley sound—stripped down, sweaty, sexy, lo fi, loud ass blues,” says Reynolds. “The other thing I love about this song is it has a droning trancelike effect on both the player and the listener.”

“My Man Ed”

All songs are originals except as indicated. The Owsley Brothers are Reynolds, guitarist BWise, and drummer John Reinlie.