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Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Robyn Patterson – Then and Now


I thought I had “discovered” artist Robyn Patterson when I put her on the 2009 Fourth of July cover, but it turns out she’s been in The Beachcomber plenty of times. While looking through the old issues for the “Ten Years Ago in Beachcomberland” department, I found an article about Patterson being selected as the 2002 Destin Festival of the Arts poster contest winner. Also, she’d been on our cover somewhere in that time frame.

Anyway, we’re glad she’s still around these parts, and I encourage you to check out her new Facebook page, Art by Robyn.


I’ve changed up my style and am working in mixed media now. I paint on wood and apply Mardi Gras beads as a mosaic element.

It’s honestly humbling when someone besides my parents can look at my art and not only appreciate it but like it. So for The Beachcomber to use my art three times is a really big deal in my book, and I’m very proud.

I kind of took a year hiatus from painting and just started back a month ago, and I’ve never felt more inspired. I have these concepts in my head all the time, it’s almost painful to be anywhere but my studio at this moment. Getting on the cover is just motivation to keep on going.

I’m really looking forward to building up my collection so I can start showing at art shows and festivals. Right now I’m posting everything to my Facebook page, and I’m getting quite a few commission projects out of it. I’ll also have a couple pieces at the Destin Festival of the Arts in October in the collaborative tent.