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Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Clay Jones - The Year in Cartoons

“I’m not sure which cartoons from 2017 are my absolute favorites,” says Clay Jones. “But these four stand out for me—not just because I like them, but they also received strong responses.” More at claytoonz.com.

“I felt this was a strong cartoon,” says Jones. “I published it months ago, and it still pops up tagging me on Twitter just about every other day. It made the Los Angeles Times, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning colleague even sent me a message about it.”

“I really liked this one for the art, the idea, the humor, and the point. It’s probably not among my readers’ faves, but it’s one of mine.”

“This cartoon isn’t funny. Humor is my main weapon, so when I refrain from using it, I hope the effort is startling. This was a powerful issue—not just nationally, but in my home state (Virginia). It really pissed off Trump supporters, which makes me like it.”

“This one actually received a slow response. The day I published it, I was a little surprised that it wasn’t getting much of a reaction. The shares on social media were slow, there were very few comments, and it seemed like it didn’t have any life out there. I wondered if the cartoon sucked or nobody cared. Then, the next day, it kinda blew up. I’m glad it came around. I thought it was important.”