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Thursday, June 1st, 2017

This Week's Winners and Losers

Over in Pensacola, there’s a really excellent independent publication called IN Weekly. I haven’t seen a copy in ages, but plan on picking one up when I catch the Alejandro Escovedo show at the end of the month.

One of their most enduring regular features is “Winners and Losers,” which generally leans toward political figures. I’m appropriating the concept here, because if you’re going to steal you might as well steal from the best.

And at least I’m acknowledging whom I’m ripping off. I’m talking to you, “Emerald Coast Brew Review.”

WINNERS – PiRATES. Every June, this area goes nuts over grown people running around in funny costumes, playing pirate and heckling anyone named Artie or Margaret. Hell, some people are even willing to drive to Fort Walton Beach from Destin, which after Memorial Day weekend takes about four hours.

LOSERS – PIRATES. Johnny Depp, anyway. His latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie is a flop, and according to People magazine, the guy’s nearly bankrupt. I mention this because he’s an old friend of Beachcomber, and I’m helping him set up his GoFundMe page.

LOSERS – MUSIC FANS This year, we’ve already said goodbye to Chuck Berry, Chris Cornell and Gregg Allman. If there’s a legendary (or even semi-legendary) musician you’ve always wanted to see in person, do it as soon as possible.

WINNERS – MUSIC FANS. Particularly fans of local music makers. This month alone, we have excellent new recordings from New Earth Army and #IAmDJDeezy. And there’s tons of live music from 30A west to Pensacola every night of the week all summer long.

WINNERS – DOG LOVERS After a long and painful absence, Alaqua Animal Refuge has reinstated its Pet of the Week. You can meet your new best friend every Saturday right here in the This Week section.

WINNERS – THE LAWYERS. Specifically, the ones representing the individuals we quoted without permission in our new issue's Gregg Allman tribute. (“But, guys, it’s great exposure!”)

LOSERS – LITTERBUGS. To people who continue to leave trash on our beaches and highways (okay, we only have the one highway), please go away and never come back. And when you get where you’re going, please consider killing yourselves.

- Editor Manson


Century 21 Blue Marlin hosts a Pre-Tournament Toast Thursday, June 8, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Legendary Yacht Club in Destin. The beneficiary of the Century 21 Blue Marlin 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament will be announced, and the community, past sponsors and participants are invited to attend.

Guests will also enjoy complimentary “light bites” from Cuvee Kitchen + Wine Bar and LuLu’s, specialty cocktails by Chaste 850, craft beer by Grayton Beer Company, a photo booth, and live music by Beachcomber Music Award winner Zack Rosicka.

If you’re interested in sponsoring this year’s tournament, email

And LuLu’s Destin owner Lucy Buffett will be in town Sunday, June 11, to sign copies of her new cookbook Gumbo Love from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. More at


Thank you to the over 700 audience members and 140 performing artists that participated in the first ever Northwest Florida Theatre Festival (May 4-17 Beachcomber). Because of all of you, we consider this launch a huge success. Get inspired, because before you know it we’ll be planning for the second annual Northwest Florida Theatre Festival.

- Nathanael Fisher, Emerald Coast Theatre Company

Emerald Coast Theatre Company presents “The Taming of the Shrew” every Thursday at Grand Boulevard at Sandestin. 

Editor Manson (in back) joins New Earth Army’s Mike Flatau, Melissa Joiner and Chavis Hobbs to celebrate the release of the band’s new EP Rebirth As you can see, no expense was spared in the special effects department. Go see the band live Saturday, June 3, in Downtown Fort Walton Beach. Watch for pirates.