8.2.12 - The Beachcomber Neighborhood

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Friday, August 3rd, 2012

8.2.12 - The Beachcomber Neighborhood

KEN HAIR DEPARTMENT… Our friend Ken Hair—Children in Crisis President and CEO—informs us construction on CIC’s next family foster home, the Ya Ya’s House, will begin soon. Here are CIC staff, donors and volunteers during the groundbreaking ceremony.

KEN HAIR DEPARTMENT, PART TWO… The Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation presents a check for $149,000 to Children in Crisis. From left—Demetrius Fuller, Carla Musgrove, Sharilyn Darnell, Kitty Johnson, Bob Gelardi, Ken Hair, Jerry Lancaster, Crawford Sandefur, Dr. Judy Manning, and Kay and Don Litke. The donation will sustain operations of the CIC’s foster homes.

KEN HAIR DEPARTMENT, PART THREE… June’s Burning Up the Bayou Boat Run event raised $1,900 for Children in Crisis. Here’s Theresa Van Gogh of North Light Yacht Club with CIC honcho Ken Hair. For more info, visit www.childrenincrisisfl.org.

Thanks to her numerous appearances in dad Bruce Collier’s dining reviews, Grace—a/k/a the Tiny Diner—now has to contend with swarms of paparazzi.

This is Toni Dineen’s second year to win the Destin Seafood Festival’s poster contest. Congrats, Toni, as well as the other folks in this picture, whoever they are. The big event is scheduled for Oct. 5-7 on the Destin Harbor.

Photo by John from For Reel Photos

Three-point-five-year-old Jack Jerkins enjoys his shore surfer on the beautiful Beaches of South Walton.

Photo by Candi/www.myeyecandi.com