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Monday, July 23rd, 2012
Music Misc.

Setlist - Something Fishy

There's SOMETHING FISHY going on at HarborWalk Village this weekend!


Poppy’s Crazy Lobster, HarborWalk Village, 7.8.12

“Time of the Season” (Zombies). What is it with this song? (See also: Setlist – Michael Stone)

“How Sweet It Is” (Marvin Gaye)

“Wagon Wheel” (Old Crow Medicine Show/Bob Dylan). What is it with this song? (See also: Setlist – Something Fishy) “Matt Miller can rip the shit out of that song,” says Fishy’s Chris Nida.

“Toes” (Zac Brown Band)

“Sleepwalk” (Santo and Johnny). “It’s a fun song to do,” says guitar great Doug “Dr. D” Dickerson. “People give you that look when you play it.”

“29 Ways” (Willie Dixon)

“Long Train Runnin’” (Doobie Brothers)

“Thank You” (Led Zeppelin)

“Can’t You See” (Marshall Tucker Band)

“She Loves My Automobile” (ZZ Top). “One of my favorite bands,” says Dr. D. “If I could ever meet one of my guitar heroes, it would be Billy Gibbons.”

“Tequila” (The Champs)

Something Fishy (“The stinkiest band out here, and we’re proud of it!”) plays at Poppy’s Crazy Lobster in HarborWalk Village. They can probably nail your all-time favorite song, too.