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Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Opening Remarks - Your Thoughts and Comments... Thanks, Now I Don’t Have to Write Anything

South Walton Community Council again sponsored the volunteer beach cleanup following the annual July 4th celebrations. On July 5, 74 volunteers picked up 100 bags of beach trash as a result of the Fourth of July beach activities and fireworks.

Many of the volunteers are those who do it every year. But each year locals and tourists alike—who just happen to be going to the beach—join in the clean-up activity. All of this is done with the cooperation of the TDC, which maintains the beach on a daily basis. We would like to express our thanks to all who helped this year.

- Anita Thompson

Editor’s Note: Thompson is the administrative assistant for the South Walton Community Council.

You guys are AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you for keeping the music community together!!

- Maynol (via Facebook)

Editor’s Note: Maynol is a musician who recently relocated to Beachcomberland. He’s been seen and heard at John Wehner’s Village Door, for starters.

As you all very well know, we have an affinity for shouting at the top of our lungs about all sorts of things—shows, songs, causes, and, on occasion, a good fine wine and a proper cheese to accompany it. One thing we try to get across (and, to be honest, we don’t do enough) is that we’re not alone in our musical cause and we have many brothers and sisters in that vein...

The following, in no particular order, are only some bands/artists/overall amazing people that you should take a look at and, we feel, follow on a regular basis (mainly because our browser only lets us tag so many people at a time). We love them as friends and family, they deserve to be recognized for simply being awesome, and we hope you will feel the same.

Something to Yield, Unnatural Soundz, Too Many Humans, Nikki & Heather Hedrick (850MusicBlog – 850music.wordpress.com), Vantage Point, At Nova’s End, The Grey (Mobile), The Icarus Effect, Rock for a Cure, Scripter, The Beachcomber.

- The Helvetica Effect

Editor’s Note: The Helvetica Effect was featured in last issue’s The Beat.

Lesha’s architectural-themed drawings are lovely (“In Her Own Words…Cover Artist Lesha Porche Bruse,” July 5-18 Beachcomber). We have had side-by-side tents more than once at local festivals, and I promise if you seek out her work, you won’t be disappointed!

­- Jill White (via www.beachcomberdestin.com)

Lesha Porche Bruse responds: Jill’s jewelry is AMAZING. She’ll be at the Destin Festival of the Arts as well, so check her out!

Loved the article (“Author Tim Dorsey Drops by Destin Library – Nobody Injured”)! Glad we could meet, and thanks for helping spur the attendance. Hope to see you next time through.

­- Tim Dorsey, New York Times Bestselling Author


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Bill Adair’s “Peacocks in Paradise” graced the cover of the July 18, 2002 edition of The Beachcomber. The Seaside REP staged Beth Henley’s Crimes of the Heart, and film critic/actor Ritch Brinkley offered an appreciation of the recently departed Rod Steiger.

Artist Cara Roy’s charitable efforts on behalf of Whiskers’ Friends were noted—“My own cat…has such a good home, and I always feel terrible when I see a cat trying to eat from a dumpster,” said Roy.

Also of note—Leah Stratmann visited custom boat builders, Bruce Collier dropped in on the Chautauqua Summer Theatre folks in DeFuniak Springs as they rehearsed Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Cinderella brought their hair metal to Destin.


Kimberly Smith, Scotty Lisenbe, Gay Lisenbe, Zach Hubbert, Cara Augustine, Amy Carter, Laura Hardy, Carol Wenrick, Carrie Knife, Terry Conway, Ron Stanley, Lori Starks, Michael Morris, Bruce Dunkin, Charles Ladd, Keith Palmiero, Elina Friedsberg, Julie Blech, Paul Lester, Wilson Carruthers Jr., Lisa Morelli, Athena Holter- Mehren, Jill White, Barbara Dees, Todd Schmidt, Kymberli Roberts, Leslie Clark, Joni Shaw, Jeffrey Swearingen, Jennifer Polk, Merrie Sheridan and Nenette Seaux are just some of the great people who “like” the new Beachcomber page on Facebook.

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Photo by the Lovely and Talented Paula Hilton