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Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Opening Remarks - Tweet Tweet

USA Today reports that Twitter posts increased to 13,000 tweets per minute following the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold ObamaCare (up from how many per minute before, I wonder?). I have been singing the praises of Twitter for months now…I find it much simpler to use than Facebook, which hasn’t let me change our profile picture for weeks now.

And don’t even get me started on that timeline insanity. Or Google+… I dabbled in Pinterest for awhile, until my sweetheart told me it was “girlie.”

Anyway, I figured out this Twitter thing… I tweet links to our Web site, which is where I really want people to go. I follow interesting people who are relevant to our local entertainment scene and retweet anything Beachcomber followers might wish to know about. Or anything I find hilarious. Plus anyone who posts a good photo of the area.

And I always, always include the hashtag (formerly known as the “pound sign”) #sex in my tweets.

Getting back to the healthcare tweets, some of the more popular hashtags included #ImpeachObama, #ImpeachRomneyIfHeGetsElected, #sex, #Fifty- ShadesofGrey, #WhatTheHellDoesMandateMean, and, inexplicably, #ChiefJusticeJuliaRoberts.

In other news, the Supreme Court has ruled that the law requiring anyone living in or visiting Destin/Fort Walton Beach/ South Walton, etc. to follow @BeachcomberFL on Twitter is not unconstitutional, just trifling. See you in the Twitterverse…



Nikki Hedrick (“Three Beachcomberland Bands That Should Be on Your Radar”) created 850music.wordpress.com in January 2011. “It all started as a tiny idea to help give local bands, venues and events a little more Internet coverage,” she says. “I had no concept of how popular or rewarding it would be—it was just a way for me to share area music with anyone who would listen.

“The last couple months have been astonishing—booking band photo shoots, being requested at events and marketing consultations, and now being published in The Beachcomber. The growth of 850 Music has felt very organic, and I am very lucky person to be meeting so many wonderful people, listening to music that inspires me, and helping others connect with all the amazing talent in the area.”

Hedrick is a lifelong resident of Seagrove Beach and can be reached at 850music@gmail.com.


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If we run into you while we’re out and about and you show us that you’ve downloaded it to your device, we will give you a fabulous prize, too!


The July 4, 2002 issue featured artist LaRanda Hutchins’ “Never a Dull Moment” on the cover. Chris Manson dissed Sheryl Crow in his review of Patty Griffin’s album 1000 Kisses, and he still feels horrible about it. The first of Matt Damon’s Bourne movies debuted in local cinemas, and bleeding heart liberal Al Franken unleashed his self-help book parody on unsuspecting readers (“Amid the often glib sarcasm are more than a few nuggets of genuine wit and insight,” Bruce Collier wrote of Oh, the Things I Know!).

Manson caught up with longtime local music fixture Pat Boone at the nowdefunct Lucky Snapper. Despite recent health issues that have affected his voice, Boone still amazes with his guitar playing six nights a week with Mike and the Micros at AJ’s. And if you don’t own a copy of his album (titled Alan Boone, presumably so as not to confuse the rest of the world), you should buy it and play it often.

Also of interest—Tanglewood, Echoes of Elvis and Nazareth played Destin, and Collier found the Chinese cuisine at Dynasty to his liking.


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Beachcomber Editor Chris Manson meets bestselling author Tim Dorsey during a Destin Library event. Turns out Dorsey, whose latest novel is PINEAPPLE GRENADE, is just as funny in person as in print. And not nearly as deranged… Read our recap here. (WARNING: Adult themes and language.)