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Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Opening Remarks - Jason Aldean's Misadventures in Beachcomberland

Last September, I referred to country music hotshot Jason Aldean as “the Beachcomber’s new favorite singer” based on a remark in People magazine that his favorite vacation spot was “the Redneck Riviera on the Florida Panhandle.” Nine months later, I still haven’t listened to any of the guy’s music.

Anyone who follows such important news outlets as Twitter and Country Weekly is familiar with Aldean’s recent misadventures in Beachcomberland. Rich guy gets a ticket (for 100 bucks, ouch) for being in the water during double red flag conditions. (I guess everyone knows a single red flag means stay out of the water, so a double red flag must be like a double-negative, right?)

So he called a Walton County Sheriff’s Office employee a “Barney Fife” on Twitter (he should save such cleverness for his songs, if he writes ‘em), then played the “just sayin’” card by mentioning that out of 100 offenders, only he and a small child received citations.

This is just asshole behavior, celebrity or not. He did apologize for his outbursts (sort of) later, and at least he didn’t tweet anything homophobic like Blake Shelton not too long ago (just wanted to remind everyone). Still… next thing you know I’ll find him in my swimming pool asking me to fetch him a toasted English muffin and a mimosa.

Which, of course, I’m happy to do if Aldean agrees to be a guest presenter at the next Beachcomber Music Awards. How about it, Mr. Aldean? Jason? Jayyyyyyyy? You’re still one of our favorite country singers, just a few notches below the late great Don Knotts.



Way to go, Scotty! (“Scotty Lisenbe Shares the Beauty of Beachcomberland with the World,” June 7 Beachcomber) So proud to call you a friend!

- Carol Bechtel, Dover, Ohio (via Beachcomber Web site)

Great article (“The Beat Profiles – Greg Pendleton,” May 10 Beachcomber). We love to hear Greg play…so upbeat and a lot of fun! Keep up the good work, Greg!

- Luellen Warren (via Beachcomber Web site)

I was at the show (“On a Bus to Seaside… The Gretchen Peters Show")...The Seaside REP venue is so special—and especially well suited for a singer-songwriter musical performance. The intimacy is wonderful. Gretchen and Barry (Walsh) are truly beautiful people and extremely talented musicians. We are lucky to have them in our midst!

- Cindy Moskovitz (via Beachcomber Web site)


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Beachcomber Editor Chris Manson moonlights for real estate tycoon Robin Hyde... actually, this is from the brand new Act4Murder show A CONDO TO KILL FOR, which returns to Angler’s Beachside Grill on Okaloosa Island Monday, July 9. Call (850) 796-0260 for reservations.