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Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Cover Artist Lori Drew Dreams Big and Offers Businesses a Unique Way to Give Back

Dreamer, believer and Lowkylzart founder Lori Drew understands firsthand that an artist’s work needs to be seen.

Creative folks speak from the soul. They transform the ho-hum into the exotic, alter superfluous details into necessities and open our eyes to what is hidden. “Artists need opportunities to display their artwork,” says Drew. “A committed artist just wants to create art. In order to do that, their work must be seen and sold. My hope is to provide a variety of venues and sale opportunities thru Lowkylzart.”

The basic concept is to pair organizations and businesses with artists. Drew’s wish is “to bring what is beautiful into empty spaces and help create unique incentives for people to purchase local art.” Getting paintings in front of new audiences is tricky.

“Art festivals and the Internet are effective, but in our area there is a real need for consistent venues where folks can physically go to observe and enjoy art. The local galleries are wonderful, but there is only so much wall space. I came up with Lowkylzart in order to give emerging artists more exposure and to invite residents to come see the talent here in unique and everyday surroundings.”

Any type of business in need of original artwork can get involved. Artists simply give back something to a client that will encourage them to purchase artwork. The artist then donates a percentage of the sale to a local charity. Nonprofits can bring in local art for fundraisers and a percentage of the artwork. Everybody wins.

“Anyone with a can-do entrepreneurial attitude will make this idea work,” says Drew.

Acopia Home Loans is Lowkylzart’s first client. Acopia works with realtors who bring in consumers looking for a home loan. Their newest location in Destin offers clients a small credit back if they purchase artwork from Acopia’s Lowkylzart office collection.

Manager David Armacost loves the unique concept. We are proud to partner with this vital and creative community. By giving a credit incentive, we can help artists and offer new homeowners something original. It’s great for everyone.”

To help with fundraising, Emerald Coast Theatre Company is utilizing Lowkylzart to complete their list of artists during the current run (March 13-15) of Art in the Market Shops at Sandestin. Twelve artists have their artwork in the raw performance space and when artwork is purchased, 20 percent goes back to ECTC.

The impressive list of local artists participating in Lowkylzart includes Melissa Mercer Brown, Carol Dickson, Susan Lucas, Joanne Jones, Theresia McInnis, Laurens Cotten, Ann Welch, Suzanne Leloup, and Drew herself. She specializes in oil and cold wax creations.

“Everyone has something to give back,” says Drew, “This is a great way to bring people together.”

Instead of the same old sterile office, why not provide an unexpected artfilled atmosphere to counter the rainy day blahs or tumultuous daily news? The Lowkylzart concept requires creative thinkers, so anyone wishing to fire up their business can join in.

If you are part of a charity organization or if you own a company, restaurant or shop looking for one of a kind wall art, you need Lowkylzart in your life. Businesses can take a fresh look at the obvious, mix it up and dream big.

“Our beautiful beach community is growing, not only in size but in spirit,” says Drew. Her goals are to give artists a wider audience, businesses a stronger bottom line, art lovers more choice and charities a unique base for continued support.

Big dreams indeed.

For more information, contact Drew at (850) 585-7689 or email