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Thursday, December 4th, 2014
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Latest in Local Author’s Little Lamb Series Published


Sharing Is Caring, published by Westbow Press, is the second of 10 books in the Little Lamb series from Miramar Beach author Cheryl Lewis. Written to instill positive values in children, each book in the series details a story about a particular value such as honesty, sharing and obedience.

“The Little Lamb series places tools in the hands of our youth, teaching them acceptable behaviors in our current society,” says Lewis. “It relates to experiences we have all had and teaches children how to appropriately handle adversity, fear or differences in others.”

In the book, Woolly the Lamb and Billy the Kid are hosting an Easter egg hunt at their farm. They bring their favorite toys outside to share with all of their friends, but when they see others using their toys, they get distressed, thinking of the damage that could befall them.

The Good Shepherd reminds Woolly and Billy that their friends are more

important than material possessions. He encourages them to take proper care of their belongings, but also to share with their friends.

“Being kind, selfless and respecting authority will mold our youth’s character,” the author says. “Establishing these traits at a young age will give our young people the skills to grow into strong, capable, selfassured adults.”

Lewis grew up in Pearl River, Louisiana, a small town north of New Orleans. She grew up in a large extended family where music and the art of spinning a good yarn were prevalent and welcomed. Growing up in this rich culture developed Lewis’ love for telling stories.

Sharing Is Caring is available in paperback and as an E-book at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Lewis will sign books Dec. 6 and 20 at Sundog Books in Seaside from 10 a.m. to noon, and at the Destin Barnes & Noble Dec. 7 at noon.