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Thursday, January 19th, 2012
Beachcomber Awards

Beachcomber Music Awards 2012 - Meet the Nominees

Meet the Nominees - Our Biased and Unbalanced Coverage of the Fourth Beachcomber Music Awards

The Fourth Beachcomber Music Awards will be held at HarborWalk Village starting at 5 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 19. The ballot appears in this issue, and the winners will be announced at a ceremony that promises an abundance of live performances and good times. For upto-the-minute info, visit www.facebook.com/beachcomberdestinfl.

AL ALVARADO Nominated for: Best Horn Player Past Honors: As a member of Jones and Company, Alvarado was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the 2010 awards. Quote: “It all seems to make sense when he plays that sax,” says fellow nominee and frequent collaborator Homemadesoul.

CHRIS ALVARADO Nominated for: Best Male Vocalist, Best Singer-Songwriter Web Site: www.chrisalvaradolive.com Past Honors: Alvarado won the Singer- Songwriter award last year and performed a fantastic set accompanied by his fellow nominee (and dad) Al.

DUKE BARDWELL Nominated for: Best Male Vocalist Past Honors: Bardwell’s band Hubba Hubba was voted Best Dance Band in 2008, and he was the first Hall of Fame winner. Etc.: Bardwell is a founding member of BMA winners/nominees Dread Clampitt. He appears regularly at the Faith Assembly Church in Miramar Beach, which is nominated this year for Best Live Music Venue. Bardwell’s performance of “Potter’s Moon” on

Dread Clampitt’s Geaux Juice is the best thing you will ever hear.

BLACK EYED BLONDE Nominated for: Best “Cover” Artist Past Honors: Dan Collins won Best Bassist at the 2008 awards, and the band picked up Best Dance Band at the second annual BMAs.

Etc.: BEB continues to charm the va-jayjays at AJ’s.

BLUE LEW’S GROOVE Nominated for: Best Band, Best Keyboardist (Nora Wixted-Hogue), Best Drummer (Shawn Shackelford), Best Blues Artist, Best Jam Band Web Site: www.bluelew.com Quote: “Blue Lew’s music rocks my soul with his blues,” says Homemadesoul. Etc.: The band (and special guests) are set to open the BMAs. Sunday Jam night returns to the newly-refurbished the Shed BBQ & Blues Joint in March.

BOUKOU GROOVE/DONNIE SUNDAL Nominated for: Best Band, Best Guitarist (Derwin “Big D” Perkins), Best Keyboardist (Donnie Sundal), Best Blues Artist, Best Original Song (Sundal, “Let Me Come Home”) Web Site: www.boukougroove.com Past Honors: Sundal has won multiple awards at past BMAs for his keyboard playing, vocals, and album Falling Through the Cracks. Sundal and Perkins performed at last year’s awards.

LIONEL C Nominated for: Best R&B/Soul Artist

Quote: “I played a coupla songs at the Beal Street Bottle Club during a ‘revue’ type show, and both times I had to follow Lionel,” says Bunky Wonky (“Infestin’ Destin”). “I wanted to kill myself.”

CABO ROCK/STEVE UPTON Nominated for: Best Drummer (Steve Upton), Best “Cover” Artist Past Honors: Upton was a member of the Forrest Williams Band when they cleaned up at the 2010 awards. Along with fellow nominee David Posey, Upton plays in nearly every band on the Emerald Coast.

CADILLAC WILLY Nominated for: Best Jam Band, Best Drummer (Shawn Shackelford) Web Site: www.cadillacwilly.com Etc.: Past and current band members include BMA nominated drummer Charles Pagano, Clayton Bonjean, Patrick Wilson, Louie Antoon, etc. etc.

CHRONIC JESTER Nominated for: Best “Homegrown” Album (Surely You Jest) Web Site: www.chronicjester.com Quote: “It’s too bad Eddie Cochran isn’t around anymore, because I think I just found a cure for the summertime blues,” wrote Woody’s Live’s Michael Carrasco.

CHRIS CLARKE Nominated for: Best Bassist Quote: “How ‘bout it!” – Chris Clarke Etc.: Plays a kick-ass version of the theme from Barney Miller; one-time member of a KISS tribute band.

FLY DENTS/FLYTONES Nominated for: Best Horn Player (Fly Dents), Best Dance Act Past Honors: Best Horn Player (Fly Dents, 2008 and 2011) Etc.: Fly is a regular at the Faith Assembly Church and kicked his fellow players up several notches whenever he turned up for Jam Night at the Shed.

SEAN DIETRICH Nominated for: Best Jazz Artist Etc.: The talented keyboardist has also performed with the BMA-nominated NWF State College Jazz Ensemble.

DREAD CLAMPITT Nominated for: Best Band, Best Drummer (John Reinlie) Web Site: www.dreadclampitt.com Past Honors: Too many to list here! Etc.: “Stars Over Walton County” cuts that Susanna Hoffs song to shreds.

THE DREAM BAND Nominated for: Best Dance Act Web Site: www.thevillagedoor.com Etc.: The house band at John Wehner’s Village Door in Baytowne Wharf has undergone some personnel changes over the years, but drummer Wehner and vocalist Tanya Roberts are constants.

DR. ZYDECO Nominated for: Best Instrumentalist Etc.: Dr. Z and his rub board were regulars at the Shed’s Sunday jams, and we hope to see him back there in March.

ANDY DURAND Nominated for: Best Male Vocalist Web Site: www.reverbnation.com/andydurand Etc.: The well-traveled Durand grew up in Tucson, Arizona. His songs have appeared on TV’s Picket Fences and Northern Exposure.

Quote: “Music is a brotherhood, not a sport. So lend a hand when and wherever you can,” says the man himself.

NIK FLAGSTAR & HIS DIRTY MANGY DOGS Nominated for: Best Alternative Artist, Best Rock Artist Web Site: www.reverbnation.com/ nikflagstarandhisdirtymangydogs Quote: “It’s more than just music for Nik,” says Mikey Livid of the band Scars and Stripes. “It’s about community. He strives to keep underground music relevant and alive for future generations. There’s a sense of wholesome rebellion in Nik’s shows that brings me back to my teenage years—sneaking into shows, staying out late, and stealing sips of beer. Whenever I see him play, I envision a 14-year-old boy inside of him. It’s his energy, his passion, or maybe it’s his awesome hair.”

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FLASH FLOOD Nominated for: Best Dance Artist, Best “Cover” Artist Web Site: flashflood.org Etc.: Throughout the band’s nearly 20year history, “good times have been had all around the world. Hearts have been broken, drinks have been consumed and relationships have been consummated.” We stole this from their Facebook page.

BEN FRIEDMAN Nominated for: Best Alternative Artist Web Site: www.reverbnation.com/ benjisbadbrain Quote: “Everything I’ve heard come out of his work—whether it be his original material or his remixes—has floored me,” says Rob Perez of the Helvetica Effect.

FRITZ FROESCHNER Nominated for: Best Guitarist Past Honors: Best Guitarist (2010, 2011) Quote: “Zack Rosicka can play circles around me,” “Smilin’” Fritz said when he accepted the axeman honors in ’10.

BILLY GARRETT Nominated for: Best Bassist Web Site: No, but the Hubba Hubba page on Facebook is full of great historical facts and photos. Past Honors: Best Bassist (2008), Best Dance Band (Hubba Hubba, 2008), Hall of Fame (2011), Best Acceptance Speech

THE GUFFMAN TRIO Nominated for: Best Jazz Artist Web Site: www.reverbnation.com/ theguffmantrio Trivia: Bassist Tom Latenser and drummer Fred Domulot are directors of the BMA-nominated NWF State College Jazz Ensemble, so they will be competing against themselves. Etc.: Any band that names itself after a Christopher Guest mockumentary is pretty cool by us.

WAYNE HALL Nominated for: Best Alternative Artist Web Site: www.waynehallmusic.com Quote: 99 ROCK’s Kevin McKay says, “I always love listening to his stuff, and even better to see it live.”

RUSTY HAMMERSTROM Nominated for: Hall of Fame Web Site: www.banjorama.com Trivia: Hammerstrom’s BMA-nominated 2010 song “Oil in the Water” is one of the most-viewed clips on the Beachcomber’s

YouTube page. Banjorama, his winter collaboration with Jabbo Stokes, is a longtime favorite of the snowbirds.

THE HELVETICA EFFECT Nominated for: Best Rock Artist Web Site: www.reverbnation/ thehelveticaeffect Etc.: The band’s first album is in the works. In the meantime, you can check out the track “Liars” on their Reverb Nation page.

HERITAGE Nominated for: Best Band, Best Dance Artist, Best Jam Band Web Site: www.heritageband.com Quote: “Heritage always delivers on what they bring to their table—they’ve very much established their sound,” says the Helvetica Effect’s Rob Perez. “(We’re) working on our new album next door to them. I’ve had the pleasure of faintly listening in to their new material, and it’s gonna kill when it comes out.”

RAY HITCHELL Nominated for: Best Keyboardist Etc.: Hitchell performs Tuesdays through Saturdays at Seagar’s in the Hilton Sandestin Beach.

HOMEMADESOUL Nominated for: Best Male Vocalist, Best R&B/Soul Artist, Best Original Song (“Let’s Stay Together”) Web Site: www.homemadesoul.com Etc.: His just-released album Inspired by a True Story, Vol. 1 should make him a Best Album contender for next year. Homemadesoul has agreed to perform at the awards ceremony.

HOTEL OSCAR Nominated for: Best Jam Band, Best

Rock Artist, Best “Homegrown” Album (Burgers & Fries) Web Site: www.hoteloscarband.com Quote: “The ultimate up-and-coming jam band in the Okaloosa/Walton area, with unparalleled live energy and an array of styles to satisfy any musical taste,” wrote Dannica Lowery in her Beachcomber profile of the band.

FRANKO “WASHBOARD” JACKSON Nominated for: Hall of Fame Past Honors: Hubba Hubba—the all-star band featuring Jackson, Billy Garrett and Duke Bardwell, among others—took home Best Dance Band in 2008. Etc.: Jackson’s a great painter as well, and his artwork has appeared on our cover.

JONES AND COMPANY Nominated for: Best Female Vocalist (Cheryl Jones), Best Keyboardist (CJ), Best Horn Player (Paul Scurto), Best R&B/Soul Artist Past Honors: Jones and Company played at the 2010 and 2011 ceremonies and have taken numerous trophies, including Hall of Fame in 2010. Quote: “Cheryl Jones reminds me of how much I still have to learn when I see and hear her perform,” says Homemadesoul.

KELSEY ANNA Nominated for: Best Female Vocalist, Best Singer-Songwriter, Best Original Song (“Poison”) Web Site: www.kelseyanna.com

BRYAN KENNEDY Nominated for: Best Original Song (“Life Shines - The 30A Song”) Web Site: www.bryanswebsite.com Etc.: Kennedy performed at last summer’s BMA-nominated Share the Shelter event.

ED KOLLIS Nominated for: Best Instrumentalist Etc.: Kollis currently plays with Bigwater, fellow nominee Jim Lancaster’s band. His credits include over 100 chart hits during a five-year period at Chips Moman’s American Rhythm Section in Memphis. Member of the Musicians Hall of Fame.

KYLE LaMONICA Nominated for: Musician of the Year. Web Site: www.kylelamonica.com Etc.: LaMonica is also up for something called the “30A Hot Spot Awards.”

JIM LANCASTER Nominated for: Best Bassist

Web Site: www.reverbnation.com/ bigwater1 Etc.: Thanks to the Playground Recording Studio guru, many great, once-lost soul sides have again seen the light of day.

ED MO LANIER Nominated for: Musician of the Year, Best Bassist, Best Live Music Venue (Beal Street Bottle Club) Past Honors: Last year, Ed Mo and wife Gwen’s Beal Street Bottle Club won the Best Live Music Venue.

Etc.: Gwen swears the guy sings Bunky Wonky’s “Don’t Be Ashamed of Yer Junk” around the house.

CHUCK LAWSON Nominated for: Best “Cover” Artist Web Site: www.chucklawson.com Etc.: Don’t let the nomination fool you— Lawson has a half-dozen albums of mostly original music under his belt.

DANNICA LOWERY Nominated for: Best Female Vocalist Web Site: dannicalowery.com Quote: Homemadesoul calls Lowery his “personal soulchild… her voice speaks to me.”

MIKE AND THE MICROS Nominated for: Best Bassist (John Hoormann), Best “Cover” Artist, Hall of Fame (Mike Turner) Etc.: Regulars at AJ’s for over a quarter of a century. The only band I know of that plays Spinal Tap’s “All the Way Home.”

MATT MILLER Nominated for: Best Instrumentalist Past Honors: He’s taken home the instrumentalist trophy before, and several others as a member of the band Newfangled Theory. Quote: “Matt is so talented and one of the coolest people I know,” says friend and frequent collaborator Kelsey Anna. “He has helped me become a better live performer just by playing with him.”

THE NORTHWEST FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE JAZZ ENSEMBLE Nominated for: Best Jazz Artist Etc.: Recently performed to great acclaim at HarborWalk Village’s Winter Concert Series.

OWSLEY BROTHERS Nominated for: Best “Homegrown” Album (Pure Lust)

CHARLES PAGANO Nominated for: Best Drummer

DAVID POSEY Nominated for: Musician of the Year, Best Instrumentalist, Best Music Event of 2011 (Emerald Coast Songwriters Festival) Past Honors: Heritage won Best Alternative Band last year when Posey was still a full-time member. Now he plays in every band but Heritage!

THE RED BAR JAZZ BAND/JABO STARKS Nominated for: Best Jazz Artist, Hall of Fame (Starks) Etc.: Starks has kicked out the jams with the late, great James Brown among others.

ASHLI ROSE Nominated for: Best Female Vocalist, Best Singer-Songwriter Web Site: www.reverbnation.com/ ashlirose2 Quote: “Ashli Rose has had my vote since I found out she was nominated,” says the Helvetica Effect’s Rob Perez. “Such a beautiful, raw voice and a great musician overall.”

ZACK ROSICKA Nominated for: Best Guitarist, Best Blues Artist, Best Rock Artist Web Site: zackrosicka.com Quote: “Great sounds coming from the stage.” – Joe Bonamassa

RONNIE SATTERFIELD Nominated for: Best Country Artist Web Site: www.reverbnation.com/ ronniesatterfield

RANDY SHERWOOD Nominated for: Best Horn Player Web Site: www.saxyguy.com Quote: Act4Murder’s Paula Hilton says, “Randy Sherwood is a fantastic saxophone player with a unique sound all his own. His smooth, soaring melodies may not change your life, but they can certainly change your perspective with a

deep, spiritual feel that is at the heart of his music. His upbeat tunes are impeccable both in rhythm and tone and will have your heart pounding and feet tapping— his talent is simply immeasurable. And Randy has a heart of gold! He is always willing to create original music for my productions and record them for my use at the drop of a hat. He also donates his time and talent to Horizons of Okaloosa County’s annual Casino Nights and is just an all-around terrific man and musician.”

SPACE JUNKIE Nominated for: Best Alternative Artist Web Site: www.spacejunkie.net Quote: “They don’t just push the envelope, they run it through a shredder.”

STEENOS Nominated for: Best Country Artist Etc.: Bob and Lisa regularly share the stage with Hall of Fame nominee “Washboard” Jackson. Bob’s Emerald Coast roots go all the way back to the days of Potter Brown.

GILEAH TAYLOR Nominated for: Best Female Vocalist, Best “Homegrown” Album (A Crooked Line/What Kind of Fool) Web Site: www.gileahtaylor.com Etc.: Taylor is set to perform at this year’s event. She just re-released her first album, Songs for Late at Night (1999), at the urging of her fans.

TENNESSEE FIREARMS Nominated for: Best Country Artist Web Site: www.reverbnation.com/tennesseefirearms Etc.: The band includes several former members of the late, great WaCo Ramblers.

MICHAEL J THOMAS Nominated for: Musician of the Year, Best Horn Player, Best Jazz Artist, Best Original Song (“I Think About Amy”) Web Site: www.michaeljthomas.net Etc.: In 2011, Thomas’ music appeared on the Billboard charts and in a Steven Soderbergh movie (Contagion).

SHANNON WALLACE/MEANSTREET RIDERS Nominated for: Best Guitarist, Best Rock Artist (Meanstreet Riders), Best “Homegrown” Album (The Riders’ High on the Hog), Hall of Fame Web Site: www.meanstreetriders.com Etc.: Wallace appears regularly at the BMA-nominated Faith Assembly Church and produced Chronic Jester’s BMAnominated album Surely You Jest.

FORREST WILLIAMS BAND Nominated for: Musician of the Year, Best Band, Best Male Vocalist (Forrest Williams), Best Guitarist (Forrest), Best Keyboardist (Pherrel Williams), Best Drummer (Duane Mays), Best Singer- Songwriter (Forrest) Web Site: www.reverbnation.com/ forrestwilliamsband Past Honors: Plenty—they cleaned up at the 2010 ceremony at the now-defunct Bluz in Miramar Beach. Etc.: Kim Trammell recently took over the drummer’s seat.