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Friday, July 18th, 2014
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The Spectacle, Splendor and Sentiment of Sunsets

“As daylight fades, memories are made.”

- Cindy Moskovitz

Nothing brings a memory into focus like a photograph. First time editorpublisher and Old Seagrove Beach resident Cindy Moskovitz has put together a first class photography book, Sunsets of 30A: The Magic of Light on the Emerald Coast.

Each photo captures a moment of sunset glory taken along Scenic Highway 30A. The book features unique purple and orange coloring, horizontal orientation and a very affordable price of $29.95, and distinguishes Moskovitz’s effort amongst the many cerulean choices about the Emerald Coast.

Moskovitz, founder of her own publishing company Made Ya Look, is a passionate collector of photography. “Once we bought a home down here, I began looking for any books about the areas’ sunsets,” she says. “I was stunned, they did not exist! I knew then I had to put one together. This book became a calling and a true labor of love.”

For two years Moskovitz dedicated herself to working on Sunsets of 30A. Her wish was to make the journey from concept to publication 100 percent local.

Layout, logo design and curated images came from Colleen Duffley of Colleen Duffley Productions, and local printers Boyd Brothers were employed. Author Lynn Nesmith of 30A Style and En Plein Air artist Joan Vienot were among the encouraging voices and connections to the community.

The book is indeed a tribute to local creativity. “I wanted to represent the beauty in each 30A community as seen by visitors and locals,” says Moskovitz.

“I wanted to use the compositions of passionate amateurs as well as professionals.”

She believes that “while it’s happening, a sunset is a living piece of canvas. What I have always loved is how color, light and sky come together each time in a surprisingly new and unique way.

“A sunset lasts only 10 to 15 minutes after the sun has disappeared. The experience is so easy to enjoy and share with family and friends. All together, we had 700 entries. I was delighted with the diversity! I wish I had enough room to include every photo, but we culled it down to 168 images on 128 pages with a poignant and soulful quote from each of the 135 photographers.”

Moskovitz adds: “It truly has been a feel good project. The whole community embraced this effort. I am indeed fortunate. I did not know many of the locals or visitors who participated, but they trusted me and it has been an honor to work alongside them. I’m thrilled with the result.

“Emotional connections to sunsets have inspired artists through the ages. As a jaded reader myself, the subtle and kinesthetic reaction to this book took me by surprise.”

Pick up a copy of Sunsets of 30A for yourself or a friend at Seaside’s Sundog Books and Rosemary Beach’s Hidden Lantern Bookstore. Discover more at