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Thursday, April 26th, 2012
Author Profiles

Kathleen Deal Takes Readers on a Thrilling Adventure

For emerging author Kathleen Deal, publishing a novel has been her supreme lifelong dream. After 30 fruitful years as a business analyst and contributor to local newspapers, Southern Living magazine and literary journals, the Wisconsin native is watching her aspirations reach fruition with the release of her first fiction novel, The Messenger.

Although the avid reader finds great interest in a variety of book genres, her most loved category is the thriller. After spending a copious amount of time living and traveling throughout the Middle East, Deal combined her travels with her passion for thrillers to cultivate the idea for her novel.

The story centers on lovable protagonist Dr. Sami Nasser, an Arab-American neurologist with ties to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and happy husband and father, whose American dream is threatened when he is sought out by extremists seeking CDC information.

Thus a whirlwind of nail-biting excitement begins.

“With the current upheaval across the Middle East, I think my novel is timely. People are interested in knowing more about the culture,” adds Deal. “They also want temporary escape from the financial and political upheaval in our own country, and a good story offers that.”

Although Deal chewed on the storyline for years, the final manuscript took one year to complete. With an unwavering zest for details and an even greater love for travel, she incorporates numerous aspects of memorable places where she has spent timeduring her lifetime, including the novel’s picturesque setting Daufuskie Island off the coast of South Carolina. In addition to her vivid imagination, Deal poured a lifetime of experiences into the project.

“Writing is a release for me,” says Deal. “Creating a fictional world is an escape for me, but it also helps me make sense of the real world.”

Completion of The Messenger in no way marks the end of a professional writing career for the promising new author. Although the beginning of her second novel has commenced, Deal hasn’t discarded the possibility of a sequel for her rising first book.

Outside of the paper and pen, Deal is a fervent supporter of the arts, outdoor adventures and takes any possibility to travel to unseen destinations. With a goal to visit every one of our country’s 50 states, it is evident that Deal’s striking creativity and continued thirst will never falter.

Deal openly welcomes any observations, thoughts or comments involving her writing, and encourages readers to visit her website,