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Thursday, April 12th, 2012
Musician Profiles

The Beat Profiles - Souled Out*

From left: Mark Henderson (guitar, vocals), Mark Purser (keyboards, vocals), Tommy Beavers (drums), Sol Morgan (bass, vocals), Bucky Cole (guitar, vocals).

HOME: The stage.

AGE: Cole: “Old enough to know better.” Beavers: “If we were any older, they’d have to call us ‘Soiled Out.’” Purser came up with the band name before learning that Tower of Power had used it for the title of an album (“One of their best,” says Beavers).

PROFESSION: Most of the guys have been playing music all their lives. Purser describes his chosen occupation as “making people feel.”

HOBBIES: Cole builds guitars, and Grammy winner Beavers raced cars for years. “When you play music, you already have a hobby,” says Purser.

LAST BOOK READ: Orion in the Dying Times by Ben Bova. “That’s a helluva damn book,” says Cole. “The first line is ‘And then I died…’ and it goes on from there.”

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Becoming the house band at Bottom Feeders under the Brooks Bridge, Wednesday through Saturday nights. “Getting the monitors to work,” says Purser. “And the fan switch,” says Beavers. Did we mention Beavers is a Grammy winner?

QUOTE: “How ‘bout this band?!” – Greg Pendleton, a longtime fixture at Okaloosa Island’s Pandora’s, who joined Souled Out on the Bottom Feeders stage for a couple numbers the night we stopped in.

PROFILE: Most of the guys go back a long time, other than Hattiesburg, Mississippi transplant Cole who stepped in after Jim Fuller’s unfortunate passing. The band has technically been together less than two months and was formed at the urging of Cole’s brother—and Bottom Feeders proprietor—Jeff. “Our sound is basically what we’ve lived in our lives,” says Purser. “We play a wide variety but always try for good.” “The bad comes from opinion,” adds Beavers. “Or Cuervo.”

“A new band with a lot of seasoned musicians coming together definitely has its moments,” says Morgan.


* Inspired by the late, great CREEM magazine.