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The Record That Changed My Life: Al Alvarado

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Beachcomber Music Award winner Al Alvarado. We wouldn’t have thought a cocktail would be the thing to pair with a seminal Pink Floyd LP, but…

It did not take me long to figure this one out—without a doubt, Dark Side of the Moon. Pink Floyd changed the way I experienced music.


As a young man, I was more of a rocker. I enjoyed melodic, driving rhythms and great hooks. Like most people, I became accustomed to digesting music in small, manageable bites.


Pink Floyd’s landmark album redefined to me how you tell a story. They were part of the ‘70s trend to make albums that only had maybe two or three tracks per side. It was more of a symphonic experience, incorporating different movements as the story unfolded.


This format demanded more than a casual affair with the music. It required the listener to commit time to sit and experience the album, much like a really good meal.


Al Alvarado—a/k/a Chris’ dad—performs regularly along the Emerald Coast to great acclaim. Discover more at


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