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Timothy C. Winegard

The Mosquito – A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator


Historian and professor Timothy C. Winegard’s The Mosquito is appalling, though darkly amusing. His introduction includes a statistics-based assertion that half of all the humans that ever lived suffered “mosquito-inflicted deaths.” As “apex predator,” the insect annually outdistances all others—from people to sharks—at man-killing.


Starting in prehistory, he follows the buzzing reaper from Africa to Europe and the East, where it played a principal role in warfare, commerce and exploration, finding connections to both good (medical research and sanitation) and evil—a major reason behind African slavery was the slaves’ genetic resistance to mosquito-borne diseases.

– Bruce Collier




Megan Goldin

The Escape Room

St. Martin’s Press

In the suspenser of the summer—or whatever time of year you happen to catch up with it—team building is taken to a whole ‘nother level as four Wall Street types find themselves stuck on an elevator under the assumption that it’s one of those, well, you know… To tell you any more would be criminal, so read it immediately.

– Chris Manson



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