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Nextdoor Musings, Hate Mail and More

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Editor Manson in pre-Beachcomber Music Awards mode Monday night at Al’s Beach Club on Okaloosa Island. Nice photo bomb, People That Do All the Heavy Lifting!

Got my morning cup of coffee from the Tom Thumb

Hope I can write something that isn’t too dumb

The dogs are barking and I can’t concentrate

I had all week to do this, so why did I wait?


Despite the abundance of negativity on social media—the President of Twitter, the “Why wasn’t our band nominated for any awards, you tin-eared schmuck?”—there’s some stuff out there that won’t make you want to lock yourself in your panic room with a case of sardines and a stack of unread paperback books from the CVS.


One of these is Monday Musings, a Facebook group started by musician Melissa Joiner (“Why wasn’t she nominated for any awards, you tin-eared schmuck?”). I’ve enjoyed everyone’s contributions for a month now, although my participation has been minimal.


Okay, I didn’t realize it was going to be (mostly) poetry, and anyone that’s heard my original songs knows my rhyming skills are, um, adequate, to put it kindly.


I have invited people to join, folks I think are talented and/or thoughtful. Some are both. Most are still waiting to get paid or discovered by late night comedy show head writers.


Every week the group members are given a writing prompt. Some of my favorites are…


What would you say to the rain?


You’re a slather of peanut butter. Communicate your thoughts to the bread/cracker/celery.


Why did so-and-so not get nominated for any award, you tin-eared schmuck?


Somehow those guys find their way in, too.


Anyway, if you’re looking to light that creative fire, give Monday Musings a try. Mention my name, and they might bring you on board anyway.


Another cool thing is the Nextdoor app, which brings a daily flood of notifications from the people in your neighborhood, like…


There’s some suspicious looking guy walking down Mooney Road wearing a YES t-shirt and looking like he’s up to no good. Usually, they’re talking about me.


Be on the lookout for a small white vehicle slowing down at everyone’s house and poking around. Okay, that’s the mailman.


Can’t that guy control his dogs? No, I can’t. They own me.

Love, Editor Manson




I was not impressed with the cartoon on page 6 of your latest issue (“Hate Is Not a Game” by Clay Jones, Aug. 15-28 Beachcomber). I find it in very bad taste. I am not a black man but find it offensive. You should be ashamed.

– John Yeager



Screw you, Beachcomber (Horrorscopes, Aug. 15-28 Beachcomber). Dogs are not going to wake up and decide they don’t like their owners/servants. If they did, they would be too compassionate to let them know. I’m beginning to think your whole astrology gig is not based on science.

– Rebecca Rush



Editor’s Note: Ms. Rush brought recent Pet of the Issue Rocket Rush the Rescue Dog to the Beachcomber Music Awards Monday night, and he was a delight.


What a hoot! Astrology based on science?

– Larry Beat



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