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Wolf Preserve Commemorates Two Decades

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Photo courtesy of Seacrest Wolf Preserve.

Seacrest Wolf Preserve celebrates their 20th year with a Full Moon Festival event Friday, Aug. 16. The overnight camping event quickly sold out, but they have a constant stream of events and tours available.


Seacrest Wolf Preserve began when founders Cynthia and Wayne Watkins were contacted by a Michigan Zoo to care for an abused captive wolf. Cynthia was no stranger to wolves, being an active conservationist and part of the Yellowstone Project to reintroduce wolves into the park.


That first rescue turned into several, with the goal of hands-on educational tours quickly becoming a reality.


“Today we are no longer a rescue facility, and all our wolves—except for two—were born here at Seacrest through our breeding program,” writes Dr. Alex Goodnight.


With a whopping 10,000 visitors annually, the Preserve is only a short trek away from area beaches, nestled in the quiet town of Chipley.


“We truly believe that the value of our educational programs lies in the hands-on experience our visitors have with the Seacrest Wolf Ambassadors. It is our hope that all our visitors, from all walks of life, form personal connections with our Wolf Ambassadors,” writes Dr. Goodnight.


“We hope these connections cause our visitors to learn about and reflect on their own relationships with nature, leading them to become proactive in wolf and wildlife conservation.”


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