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Kite Film Fest Call for Submissions

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The fourth annual Kite Film Fest will take place Saturday, Nov. 9, at Club LA in Destin. Submissions are currently open for the short film event.


“Who knew this wild idea would be approaching its fourth year?” says co-founder Nikki Hedrick. “The community outpouring of support has been incredible. Last year, we screened right at two-dozen short films, mainly from the area.”


The mother-daughter team behind 850 Music & Entertainment, with support from Rock Destin and Club LA, launched Kite Film Fest in 2016. “Our goal is to create an event to highlight the local film community,” says Heather Hedrick.


“For three years, we’ve been a part of many filmmakers seeing their projects on a theater-grade screen and sound system for the first time. It’s always an honor to be a part of that.”


The submission process is open until Sept. 16. Kite Film Fest prides itself on simple, inclusive rules that can be viewed at


“We want Kite Film Fest to be a celebration,” says Nikki. “We want to minimize roadblocks for participation for our local film community and the indie film community at large. It’s why we are continuing the tradition of the festival being free to submit and free to attend.”


The film festival is named in honor of their family surname, particularly Heather’s parents Gilbert and Ellon Kite.


For more info, email

– 850 Music & Entertainment


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