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The Only Thing That Needs Shootin’ Around Here is Trouble!

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It’s time to play Beachcomberland’s favorite game, “What’s in Editor Manson’s Cup?” Clue—it was 8 AM during EM’s recent radio appearance with Beachcomber Music Awards nominee Aly Bockler. Okay, that probably won’t help, nonetheless the first five correct responses to will get 2 percent knocked off the purchase of a Beachcomber Music Awards VIP Experience Package (see July 18-31 issue for details)!

If you’ve run into any snags trying to vote in our Beachcomber Music Awards Chapter 11 online poll (up and running through Wednesday, Aug. 7, because I have some mad scrambling to do in the two weeks and change leading up to the big event at Al’s Beach Club & Burger Bar on Okaloosa Island Monday, Aug. 26), here are some troubleshooting tips:


Unplug your computer and plug it back in. This is an old trick from the chief engineer at my dad’s old radio station in Florence, Alabama. I was the overnight DJ for a spell, and anytime something was on the fritz, the usual (slurred) answer from him at 3 AM was, “Did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in?” Oddly, this worked most of the time.


If that doesn’t work, check with your parole officer to make sure your voting rights have, in fact, been fully restored.


And if that doesn’t do it, contact the Department of Homeland Security and tell them you suspect the Russians are trying to influence this year’s voting. But I have to warn you—they probably won’t care.


And if all else fails, tap into your neighbor’s Wi-Fi and give it another try. Just make sure you switch back to your own thing before you go back to Googling Kim Kardashian’s Ass.


Which, as always, will result in lots of photographs of Kanye West.

Love, Editor Manson




What a lovely thing you all are doing (“PFLAG Organizes in Niceville,” News from Beachcomberland, July 18-31 Beachcomber). Good job!

– Kathryn Gonzales



Thank you, Alaqua, for stepping in and taking care of these animals (“Alaqua to the Rescue Again,” News from Beachcomberland, July 18-31 Beachcomber).

– Sally Biedenharn



Bodie is a gorgeous pup and his family is awesome (“Pet of the Issue,” July 18-31 Beachcomber). Double thumbs-up to the family for adopting a heartworm-positive dog. Heartworms are treatable, and more importantly, preventable with a monthly pill.

– Rebecca Rush



Dawn IS bright (“Here’s to Healthy Living, Golf and Boating” by Dawn Bright, July 18-31 Beachcomber).

– Bill Day



Yes (“Brace Yourselves…The Storm’s A-Comin’” by Charles Morgan III, July 18-31 Beachcomber)! Let the tourists know it’s coming so maybe they’ll stay home and save their money, and the roads won’t be parking lots.

– Teance Blackburn



The fastest route to economic disaster for the Gulf Coast would be to stop the tourists from coming here.

– William Schissler



I do believe there will be another major downturn—there always is. The economy is cyclical. I was told by “experts” in October 2016 that if Trump won, we would immediately go into a Great Depression…actually, the last two and a half years have proven his policies increased GDP from less than two percent to over three percent, and all economic numbers are better with the exception of the most important, which is debt. Neither party wants to pay down debt, because it makes all the numbers worse and makes them look bad, and the next administration look good.


If we don’t fix this, our country will go bankrupt. And when? I believe it will be within the next 10 years.

– Ron Adams



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