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The Men and Women Who Make Beachcomber

The Men and Women Who Make Beachcomber

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Darren Brown (Cover) is an amateur photographer who currently resides in Houston, Texas. Darren and his wife Maria both emphasize the importance of showing their children as much of the world as they can manage. “The Destin area has been pulling me in its general direction for many years,” he says. “There is just something about that emerald clear water and blue sky that keeps me returning. The Emerald Coast of Florida is medicine for the soul.”


Photography has always been a hobby. “It’s essentially my ‘comfort blanket.’ I was blessed to have lived in Boulder, Colorado, during my young adult years. Hiking just outside of that postcard city taught me a greater appreciation for landscape photography and the vast scenic opportunities that shape our country.”


To contact Darren, email And check out And

Carrie Hunter (“Hurricane Michael Over Six Months Later”) is a filmmaker from Northwest Florida. After graduating from FSU’s film school, she worked as a Creative Services Director at Channel 3 in Pensacola and as an associate producer on the independent film The Lengths (available on Amazon Prime). Carrie moved to New York to work as an apprentice with the Directors Guild of America, gaining eligibility for guild membership on both coasts.  She was assigned to shows like Luke Cage, Law and Order, Kimmy Schmidt, Blindspot, and Ben is Back.


After completing the program, she returned to the south to produce her own work, including her current documentary This Is Six Months After Hurricane Michael. In the fall, she will be attending saw school at Georgia State University with a focus on intellectual property and entertainment law.

Seagrove Beach resident Nikki Hedrick (Stage) is a photographer and longtime Beachcomber contributor. She is the co-owner of 850 Music and Entertainment, and wears a few other hats, too. Nikki is currently up to her ears in beach wedding season.

Samantha Lambert (Movies + TV) writes: “Three years now of living back in Florida, and it has been wonderful! Top faves about being back—having my family with me, beautiful beaches, clear blue/green Gulf of Mexico, laid back lifestyle, old friendships renewed and new ones made, fulfilling a dream of writing stories.”

Clay Jones (Cartoons) syndicates his cartoons daily to publications across the country. Clay was born in Fort Hood, Texas, and was raised in Louisiana, Illinois, California and Georgia. He currently lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia. His cartoons are featured on CNN and The Week’s Best Editorial Cartoons, and he was a finalist for the 2019 Herblock Prize.


Subscribe to the Claytoonz YouTube channel and watch Clay Jones create his masterpieces and demystify the whole cartooning thing.

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