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Kevin Alexander

Burn the Ice – The American Culinary Revolution and Its End

Penguin Random House

Food journalist Kevin Alexander dives into the dim past—the 1990s—to chronicle the rise, triumph and often hubristic fall of what he terms “The American Culinary Revolution.” Each chapter follows the fortunes of famous and not-famous chefs, cooks, restaurateurs, bartenders, publicists and industry camp followers from Portland to New York, and points in between. There’s politics, racism, sexual harassment, food trucks, and farm-to-table, Kardashian-strength dramatics, plus lots to laugh at. Despite the pessimistic title—bartender slang for quick-melting the ice at closing time—Alexander remains optimistic about the future. After all, it’s only a meal away…

– Bruce Collier


Jonathan Kellerman

The Wedding Guest

Random House

The latest Alex Delaware novel is more intriguing than usual. When a dead woman turns up at a wedding, there’s the usual who done it, but half the “fun” is finding out who is it?

Thomas Harris

Cari Mora

Grand Central Publishing

The female protagonist is strong—inside and out—as she battles a sadistic organ harvester who preys on young women. And you thought Jeffrey Epstein and his pals were sickos. Along the way, there’s a thrilling search for a fortune in gold and lots of violence. Plus a really fine short chapter told from the perspective of a crocodile.

– Chris Manson



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