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Submitted by Bill and Susan Day


Bodie is a three-year-old rescue Golden Retriever who recently moved to the Emerald Coast. Beachcomber is happy to report that Bodie is enjoying his new home, the Gulf water, and the beach lifestyle.


“He arrived to us from the loving care of Adopt a Golden Birmingham, in Birmingham, Alabama,” says Susan. “He was in neglected shape, covered in fleas, heartworm and ringworm positive, open sores, and with ear infections.


“He didn’t know what toys were, or treats or chew bones, or what a comfort life was with a loving family.” But Bodie assimilated immediately with the Day family, along with the South Walton beach community where he is affectionately known as “Beach Bodie.”


“He is our lucky dog in every way.”

Bodie and his pal Robby. Photo by Rochelle Bouchard.
In a photo that could have been ripped from recent social media posts, Bodie enjoys his first ice cream cone
Bodie and his black cat, Marshmallow.

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