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Beachcomber Music Awards – The VIP Experience

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Editor Manson catches up on his summer reading and asks that all BEACHCOMBER readers donate their gently used MAD paperback books to his charity drive. You can drop them off at Harbor Docks in Destin, and be sure to grab a bite and a shot while you’re there!

It’s our 11th Beachcomber Music Awards, coming back to Al’s Beach Club & Burger Bar on Okaloosa Island Monday, Aug. 26. You can check out the nominees in 38 (special!) categories in this issue’s Music section.


But first, we’re offering something new and exciting for our longtime supporters. It’s the Beachcomber Music Awards VIP Experience, and for the insanely low price of $399 ($850 per couple), here are some of the once-in-a-lifetime perks you’ll enjoy…


You’ll get to drive me and my entourage to the gig in your private vehicle, or feel free to spring for a limo rental. Either way, the car must be fully stocked with Chivas Regal.


You’ll be responsible for my (and the rest of the Beachcomber staff’s) food and drink tab at the big event.


You’ll be invited up on stage during the awards show to be recognized. And to fetch the envelopes and trophies for me and/or whatever “real emcee” we can enlist for the big night.


You’ll need to brush up on your camera skills, because you’ll be running around assisting our photographer *among other things* Nikki Hedrick all night long.


You’ll have the wonderful privilege of running sound and lights during the evening’s musical performances. And bring some clean towels from the house, because if the last awards show was any indication, there’ll be a lot of musician sweat to mop off the stage.


Your name will appear in very fine print on one of the trophies for an award category we’re skipping this year.


You’ll be tasked with keeping our columnist *among other things* Charles Morgan awake throughout the entire ceremony. If he decides to show up. I suggest you start working on that right now.


And it’s not just a one-night thing, friends! After the awards, your VIP Experience entitles you to the following…


Sorting through hundreds of music awards photos, not just from Nikki, but Jim Clark, Rick Danuser, Jeff Pattison, Shelly Swanger, and all the other talented folks we hope to see capturing those precious moments. If they decide to show up. I suggest you start working on that right now.


Collecting on any unpaid trophy/award sponsorships, including the ones that still haven’t paid for 2018.


For an additional $299 ($700 per couple), you’ll get to be Guest Editor of the post-awards issue of Beachcomber, and your list of duties for that particular honor is just too damn long to print here.


I hope you will all consider this enticing add-on as part of your 2019 Beachcomber Music Awards experience. Well, I better get going because I have a feeling my email is about to blow up.


Good luck to everyone, and vote responsibly.

Love, Editor Manson




In a recent issue, several (okay, all) of the locations in our Happy Hour section mentioned “FREE drinks all night long.” We apologize for the error, as well as the violent melees that ensued as a result thereof.


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