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Snappy Answers to “Let’s Talk Destin!” Questions

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Editor Manson has been taking violin instruction this year, and after six months of intense lessons has gotten quite good at…posing for photographs with his violin.
Photo by Liz Aylor (Go, CUBS!!).

The “Let’s Talk Destin!” Facebook group is one that I always check out. The photos, comments and (yes) gripes are usually interesting, and the haters are quickly sent packing.


I don’t always have time to post comments on the inquiries there, so I thought it would be a good idea for me to do that right here in the good ol’ print edition of the Emerald Coast’s Favorite Magazine (and the Official FREE Bi-Weekly Publication of Harbor Docks’ 40th Anniversary).


Jackie P.: I am in Panama City Beach. It just rained for about five to 10 minutes, and when it stopped there was a big brown spot in the water. What is that? It’s spreading down the beach now. I’m watching it from my balcony.




Kimberly T.:  In search of restaurants that are not tourist attractions.


The hospital cafeterias around here are affordable and surprisingly satisfying.


Stephanie G.: Hey, y’all!! Can anyone tell me where to get diesel fuel for my truck that isn’t sky high?


The pumps at most of the local Tom Thumb stores are reasonably low to the ground.


Rick B.: Is it safe to ride your jet skis in this June grass or will you catch cavitation on your ski?


I have no idea what that even means.


Lance W.: Recommendations for a mobile masseuse?


They prefer to be called “massage therapists.”


Angie C.: From Montgomery, AL 65 or 331 into Destin?




Kathy P.: Is there anything cool to see between Huntsville and Destin.


Not really, no.


Pilar O.: Any fun water activities that y’all recommend?


None that we can print here.


Doug K.: Best place on the beach to get a kidney transplant?


Okay, I made that one up.


Vickie M: We’ve been here for three days but running out of stuff to do. So please tell me what we can do to entertain six teenagers.


Start drinking heavily. Surprised you haven’t started already. The kids can fend for themselves.


Seriously, keep up the positivity, locals and visitors. Enjoy the summer. Use lots of sunscreen and bring your umbrellas just in case.

Love, Editor Manson
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