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Plaques for Pickets

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The Arts and Design Society of Fort Walton Beach (ADSO) is holding an ongoing fundraiser, Plaques for Pickets, to help increase its Building Fund and keep the Old City Hall it occupies in top condition.


This is a season for many special life events, and there are special people in everyone’s lives. A plaque is a great way to recognize them. The plaques will be displayed on the picket fence in the ADSO courtyard, where events and classes are regularly held.


ADSO hopes to honor many people with these plaques.  To purchase a plaque, complete a form at the ADSO office (850-244-1271) at 17 First Street SE in Fort Walton Beach between noon and 4 PM, Tuesday through Friday.


Orders are filled within two weeks. When the plaque arrives, ADSO will affix it to the pickets of the courtyard fence and provide a photo of you with the plaque. A donation of $50 covers the cost of the plaque and installation.


The plaques are a tax-deductible gift to ADSO, will help to reestablish the ADSO  Building Fund, and will honor someone special. A win-win, all the way around.

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