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Civil Disobedience Is Alive and Well in Northwest Florida

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Editor Manson—looking, um, as well as could be expected, third from left—with Billy Garrett, Aimee Shaffer and Mel Senter at the May 20 benefit concert for Mr. Heart Attack himself. More photos from the event in this issue’s World of Beachcomber.
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And by civil disobedience, I mean bad behavior. No matter what you think of Congressman Matt Gaetz (and aside from his positions on decriminalizing marijuana and outlawing greyhound racing, there’s not a lot to like), it’s simply not nice to throw a Powerade at the guy during a public event.


Probably not a nice thing to do in private, either.


In case you’ve been on Mars for the last week, here’s how some of the major media outlets covered this story:


MSNBC: “Trump stooge Matt Gaetz once again demonstrated his extreme incompetence by walking into the path of a flying beverage outside of a recent town hall meeting in Pensacola, Florida. A righteous protester, 25-year-old Amanda L. Kondrat’yev, was arrested for allegedly throwing the drink at the congressman, who is all but guaranteed to fail in his next reelection bid. They should have given her a medal.”


HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher: “Amanda L. Kondrat’yev, the woman who ‘milkshaked’ Matt Gaetz in Pensacola, Florida, announced that she is running for president. She’s the twenty-fourth Democratic nominee looking to oust Donald Trump in 2020, and there’s no #$%*ing end in sight. Meanwhile, Congressman Gaetz called her entry into the crowded field of candidates ‘refreshing.’”


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Jimmy invites Congressman Gaetz on the show to participate in a pointless frame-by-frame remake of some obscure music video from the ‘90s.


Jeopardy!: Holzhauer finally blows it on the Final Jeopardy answer, “HE WAS THE FIRST AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE POLITICIAN TO BE ‘MILKSHAKED.’”


Facebook (Partial Comments Thread): “Ha, she shoulda thrown a beer at him!” (photo of Mr. Gaetz’s DUI mugshot) “You suck, libflake! Trump 2020!! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”


MAD Magazine: Al Jaffee Fold-In that miraculously transforms from an illustration of Congressman Gaetz addressing a crowd of supporters and protesters (sharp-eyed readers will catch Alfred E. Neuman in the group, or is that Mayor Pete?) into a bottle of “Showerade” (meticulously rendered by the artist down to the last detail—the worms swimming around in the bottle are a nice touch). Mr. Jaffee is in his nineties, and I don’t know how he keeps doing it!


Twitter: @realdonaldtrump That woman is a complete loser. She should be executed! NO JUDGE! NO JURY! NO DEALS! NO APPEALS! I’m never wrong about these kinds of things.


FOX News: “And now for a completely fair and balanced report on the Matt Gaetz town hall incident in Pensacola, Florida, let’s turn it over to our FOX News correspondent, Congressman Matt Gaetz…”


Love, Editor Manson




Well, a new low. After reading this issue I was amazed to find that you had an article such as seen on page 7 (“The House Now Has a Constitutional Duty to Impeach” by Robert B. Reich, May 23-June 5 Beachcomber). Political bias in an “advertising” tabloid for the beach. I am sure that I will not make a difference with your free distribution or advertising, but I will leave comment cards and voice my opinion of what your advertisers are spending their money on. Come on folks, this is not the part of the state where this article would be popular. Best wishes for a failing business.

– Tom H.



Editor’s Note: Thanks for your comments! Sending you an autographed copy of our recent issue (see right)…


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