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The Men and Women Who Make Beachcomber

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Contributing Editor Bruce Collier (Cover Model) writes: “This will mark my fourth performance in Winston Churchill: Through the Storm since I premiered the show a year ago at Emerald Coast Theatre Company’s Northwest Florida Theatre Festival.


“First thing I learned was that the challenge of writing a one-man play about a guy like Churchill is not what to write, but what to leave out. He lived the lives of five men. And wrote about almost everything he did, often while doing it. And there’s his lifespan—when Churchill was born, the president of the United States was U.S. Grant; when he died it was Lyndon B. Johnson. He came into the world two years before the telephone was invented. If he’d lived four more years, he’d have seen the first man walk on the Moon. He witnessed the birth of aviation, two global wars, the Holocaust, and nuclear weapons. And so on. I also learned that people love to see, and hear, Winston.


“I started working on the script in a year that saw no fewer than four film or TV productions about or featuring Churchill, one of which earned an Oscar. I was afraid the market had been saturated. Yet, at every performance, I’ve had the pleasure of looking out over my brandy and cigar at big, enthusiastic audiences, two of them completely sold out.


“I’m grateful for that, but to misquote Billy Joel, it ain’t me they’ve been comin’ to see. It’s Mr. Churchill—soldier, statesman, raconteur, Nobel laureate, Adolf Hitler’s Worst Nightmare, and the most fun a portly, balding actor can have on stage all by himself. Hope you can come. Winston will keep things lively. And whip the Nazis—again.”

Seagrove Beach resident Nikki Hedrick (Cover *among other things*) is a photographer and longtime Beachcomber contributor. She is the co-owner of 850 Music and Entertainment, and wears a few other hats, too. Nikki is currently up to her ears in beach wedding season.

Bill Herrin (“You Could Judge a Book by Its Cover, But…”) has worked with newspapers, ad agencies, and companies of all sizes as a graphic designer, art director, creative director, copywriter, illustrator, artist and freelance cartoonist. He has lived on the Emerald Coast for two years, and finds the area to be a perfect fit for him and his wife. Bill also plays drums in a local cover band (Catalyst) that performs all over Beachcomberland.

Clay Jones (Cartoons) syndicates his cartoons daily to publications across the country. Clay was born in Fort Hood, Texas, and was raised in Louisiana, Illinois, California and Georgia. He currently lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia. His cartoons have recently been featured on CNN, and he was a finalist for the 2019 Herblock Prize.


Subscribe to the Claytoonz YouTube channel and watch Clay Jones create his masterpieces and demystify the whole cartooning thing.

Upon discovering that Samantha Lambert (“One on One with Chris Hayes”) lived right across the neighborhood, Editor Manson crashed her recent Kentucky Derby party. He reports that he had a lovely time.


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