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My Heart Attack Year

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Editor Manson and Beachcomber Music Award nominee Brandon Day a/k/a the Cheap Trick Brothers. This was pre-heart attack and completely unplanned.

“Anyone here ever had a heart attack? Them motherf*$%ers HOIT!!”

– Richard Pryor, circa 1978



And that pretty much sums up the whole heart attack thing. Richard Pryor wasn’t even 40 when that happened to him. My heart hung on for 52 years, despite all the years of heavy smoking and other things that were clearly not good for me. Fortunately, mountains of cocaine were never part of my lifestyle.


I spent a fun three and a half days in the local hospital, and never again will I take an uninterrupted night of sleep for granted. Every 15 minutes, someone came in to poke and prod and deny my impassioned request for a glass of 16-year-old single malt scotch.


They should have a fully-stocked bar at every hospital, at least for the people visiting their loved ones. Anything to take the edge off.


The cardiology team did a complicated procedure on my heart, which I can’t explain here because I’m not a doctor and I slept through the whole thing. I also found out my blood sugar numbers were pretty high, though upon getting back home it’s been low to normal. So I’m not sure what kind of diabetes, if any, I have. I do look forward to eating whatever the hell I want to again some day.


This issue goes to press on Wednesday, the same day I’m going to see my new doctor for my first post-heart attack once-over. I have a lot of questions for him, not the least of which is WHEN CAN I EAT WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT TO AGAIN?


I want to single out the great nurses on staff at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center, all of whom were kind and very knowledgeable. And all the wonderful people around here that are getting together on Monday, May 20, at Destin’s Funky Blues Shack for the Chris Manson Celebration of Life event.


But just remember—I’m not dead. Yet.

Love, Editor Manson




On the cover of our List Issue (April 25-May 8 Beachcomber), the “Matt Gaetz’s Greatest Fails (So Far)” list was incorrectly attributed to Charles Morgan. That list was actually submitted by one of our readers. We apologize to Mr. Morgan for the error, and to all residents of Northwest Florida for Mr. Gaetz’s shortcomings.



Mr. Mason,

Picked up your publication while on vacation this week and was jolted by your political cartoon choices and other comments.


We are on vacation!!!! And do not want your politics in our face. It immediately makes you doubt the intelligence behind this paper and that was re-enforced (sic) as I paged through it.


Find another soap box and let us enjoy our sun and fun. Know your audience.

– Lanie Bevan



Editor’s Note: Congratulations on having your comments published here! I will be sending you an autographed copy of our recent issue.


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