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Hulu’s Must-See Foray into True Crime

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The Act


Hulu hits it out of the park with its true crime miniseries following the lives of Dee Dee Blanchard and her (seemingly) chronically ill daughter Gypsy Rose. Although a few side characters have been created to help the story along, The Act is a painfully accurate retelling of unchecked mental illness.


Patricia Arquette and Joey King are remarkable in their roles as the Blanchards. And Nick Antosca and his team weave their story at an emotionally wrecking pace. No one is clearly painted as the villain—instead, they are the products of nature and nurture gone wrong.


That’s what makes The Act special. It leads to conversations about toxic people, narcissism and manipulation. It shines a light on the dark areas that we want to dismiss. It pulls through threads of how fantasy can become unhealthy obsessions, whether it is the Blanchards’ Disneyfication of life or Gypsy Rose’s constant wish for a perfect Prince Charming.


Inside the Blanchards’ pink house, placed in a quiet subdivision, heinous abuse was continually taking place—abuse that created such a desperate desire for freedom that a blood-soaked road was chosen as the viable exit.


The Act handles the heavy content without holding punches or rose-coloring its characters’ suffering.

– Nikki Hedrick


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