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“Hey!” 5 Musicians Who Inspire Cheryl Jones

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“I define inspiration as an immediate influence to do something creative, which sets myself onto a journey toward satisfying the very core of the essence of my being—where I understand, at the outset of my journey, that I will need courage and conviction to risk raising my own bar,” says Dr. Cheryl Jones of the Beachcomber Music Award winning group Jones and Company.


“Based upon the creative act of the individual who inspired…based upon the individual who breathed new life into my existence as an artist…and such inspiration has already caused me such an excitement while on such a creative endeavor.”


  1. Charlie Parker, Saxophonist
  2. Jaco Pastorius, Bassist
  3. Ella Fitzgerald, Vocalist
  4. Michael Brecker, Saxophonist
  5. Benjamin Jackson, My Dad—Percussionist and Vocalist. “My dad taught me to always leave them wanting more. Clearly, all of these musicians have left me wanting more—especially more from myself. The musicians I have listed are all physically gone, but their artistry has left me wanting more. The legacy of these cats still lives, still resonates, still breathes and inspires…and I’m longing—I’m Jonesin’ (I dare say) for more!”
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